Cosatu: Nationalisation is a given

2011-08-04 13:56

Johannesburg - Nationalisation is going to happen; it is just the manner in which it will be implemented that needs to be decided, Cosatu said on Thursday.

"If you say business needs certainty to make investments ... this is the certainty you need to have, that what is being discussed now is models," Cosatu economist Chris Malikane said at a debate on nationalisation.

He said the task team established by the ANC to examine nationalisation was not looking at the feasibility of the policy, but exploring the most appropriate model to implement.

Cosatu had encouraged the ANC Youth League to place nationalisation firmly on the agenda, he said.

Malikane said all the parties represented at the last ANC national executive committee meeting supported nationalisation.

If the ANC task team produced a study that looked only at the feasibility of nationalisation, it would be rejected outright, he said.

Nationalisation referred to state ownership of all means of production including mines, banks and mineral wealth. Compensation would be paid, but not for land.

"We'll have to compensate in the interests of the public, but not in a way that will cripple the South African state... there has to be a balance."

He said land was a natural asset that should be owned by the state and used by farmers, and that no compensation should be given for land.

  • juan - 2011-08-04 14:02

    Communism is a given!

  • DoublySalmon - 2011-08-04 14:02

    You guys need run flee while there is still food, without food anarchy will take control of South Africa. Stop hoping for a future and make one elsewhere. Let these idiots take the country and be done with it, once they have destroyed it we can return and take ownership of what is ours.

  • J_Adoons - 2011-08-04 14:03

    spoken like a true numnut !

  • Nasdaq7 - 2011-08-04 14:04

    And the fact that your members won't eat is a given.

  • Wes - 2011-08-04 14:04

    Sorry, but this will prove to the world that Africa can not run countries.

  • poorwhite - 2011-08-04 14:05

    Good bye poor south were once a great are now going to raped and pillaged by the greedy black african few! RIP

  • tlengfeld - 2011-08-04 14:05

    Well, that's goodnight then for this nation

  • TrevorGP - 2011-08-04 14:05

    What a bunch of idiots... embarrassing!! A disgrace!!

  • persvrij - 2011-08-04 14:05

    It seems to me that failure is a given...

  • 100%RSA - 2011-08-04 14:06

    bahahahahahahaha - this is the beginning of the end, taking all my money elsewhere - not paying tax, they can come get me

  • Anthony - 2011-08-04 14:07

    EISH cANCer

  • rick.borrett - 2011-08-04 14:07

    Cuba here we come or even worse Zimbabwe Dont they ever learn

  • scud - 2011-08-04 14:07

    When you allow fools to make policy,you get foolish policies.

  • 100%RSA - 2011-08-04 14:08

    bahahahahahahaha - this is the beginning of the end, taking all my money elsewhere - not paying tax, they can come get me

  • kidblack - 2011-08-04 14:08

    * buys a plane ticket online, packs his BSc degree, his Masters in Information Science and a R5 mil a year business into his travel bag and flips these drain orbiters the bird. *

  • radarblip - 2011-08-04 14:08

    ok, so does that mean that farmer's will be allowed to farm the land without interferance from government? or will it be a case of zimbabwe where a week before harvest a minister will declare the farm 'his' and kick the farmer off and take the profits? and what does this mean for the mines? will government be investing as well and taking risks? or will they just allow their friends to take a mine, neglect the workforce and sell off the equipment? or will they then let the chinese pay pittence for a mine and bring in their own workforce from china, firing off all of the local workforce? please enlighten the public on this so called 'model'.

  • Brian Smith - 2011-08-04 14:08

    WE are doomed. It looks like the ANC has lost control to the trade unions and the youth league. RSA is doomed for sure. Just another failed African State. It will be even quicker than it took for Zimbabwe to fail!!!

  • J Burnstein - 2011-08-04 14:08

    Who gives Cosatu the right to speak and make decisions like this??? It is time we stand up and get rid of this Cosatu and ANCYL clowns!!!!!!

  • hiema1 - 2011-08-04 14:09

    Who will benefit and how many jobs will be lost?

  • sganja - 2011-08-04 14:09

    Good Good. Nationalisation is gaining momentum now I'm satisfied.

  • tlengfeld - 2011-08-04 14:09

    Swell, only took 17 years to deliver the final goodnight and goodbye for our country

  • cerveza - 2011-08-04 14:10

    Politicians are suppose to be a national asset. I demand they work for free and receive no compensation. Maybe if we take the money away the greedy and incompetent will find somewhere else to play instead of being fake "saviours of the poor" in an attempt to steal from them

  • Marcell - 2011-08-04 14:11

    Please let it happen sooner than later. Let the sh1t hit the fan!

  • pitchblack - 2011-08-04 14:11

    Now thats what i'm talking about...nationalisation must happen in our lifetime. VIVA!

  • Brian Smith - 2011-08-04 14:12

    Poor Mandela to spend 27 years behind bars to see the disaster that will now follow with the incompetant leadership we now have. I feel deeplly for him.

  • Taurusaurus - 2011-08-04 14:12

    Someone go klap some sense into these imbeciles. READ THE EFFING NEWS PLEASE COSATU: COSATUR, ANC, ANCYL are all DESTROYING this country. Why? OUT OF GREED. FIKKEN ETTERS!! Go ruin your own HOME and your own FAMILY, but leave South Africa out of your disgustingly kinky fetishes of "ruling over everyone and everything with no regard for any law but my own" - YES, I AM TALKING TO ALL OF YOU AT COSATU, ANC and ANCYL. IDIOTS!

  • Rightbydan - 2011-08-04 14:12

    The beginning of the end.

  • sheep - 2011-08-04 14:12

    Fantastic, "hello flight centre... yes... 2 tickets please"

  • SlapTjip - 2011-08-04 14:13

    Ahh now what happend to "Nationalisation is not on the ANC agenda?" Ofcourse it is, we knew it. When the ANC said it was not on their agende they might have fooled the uneducated masses but not everyone else. So ANC, we know you want to, why the fuss, go ahead and do it as quickly as you can so that the last few of us that do contribute to the GDB make up our minds to take our skill out of the country. I dare you....

      SlapTjip - 2011-08-04 14:14

      Meant to say "GDP". My apologies.

  • Ric - 2011-08-04 14:14

    "We'll have to compensate in the interests of the public, but not in a way that will cripple the South African state... there has to be a balance." - Easy to do.. Don't nationalise the mines

  • Dango - 2011-08-04 14:14

    And so it begins

  • realist101 - 2011-08-04 14:14

    Do you know what the impact will be if Gov is in control of all that power? they already hv the country and still they F#ckup every day!! where has cosatu been all these years? dont thy know about corruption? come take my land first, i dare you lot!! all hell WILL break out!!

  • The_Librarian2 - 2011-08-04 14:14

    Nationalization is NOT the answer. Look at pre-Thatcher Britain for your answer.

  • Gavin - 2011-08-04 14:15

    If you had to make a list of the things the government is good at, it'd be a very short list. So, by all means, put them in charge and we can then put our collective heads between our legs and kiss our asses (or in the case of the corrupt - thier houses, cars, planes) away.

  • Phaedioux - 2011-08-04 14:15

    When are Cosatu going to form their own political party? The are prescribing legislation here which presumes that they want to be in the forefront of government instead of being in alliance with the ANC. Might be a good thing if we could see just how many voters want Cosatu involved in our daily lives.

  • boetman123 - 2011-08-04 14:16

    So while we are all debating about the rubbish that Julius Malema spews on a daily basis this kind of talk is going largely unnoticed. This will have an irreversible effect on all South Africans and foreign investors in South Africa. Fellow South Africans, if you want to end up living in a place where the government decides how much you should earn and where you should live and if you want to live in a country where high productivity is a thing of the past and people are rewarded for doing nothing then, you too should do nothing about this...

  • Anon - 2011-08-04 14:16

    Is this guy a F%&%ing idiot!!?? I would like to know what he will get out of it! Send me his bank statements, PLEASE!

  • Refilwemu - 2011-08-04 14:16

    AGREE 100%

      MurchD - 2011-08-04 17:28

      Tsk, tsk... your poor idiot. You can't even spell properly... I'm sure you are one of those lazy bastards that just want everything for free. Everything your black government touched in this passed 17 years collapsed! Get off your lazy bums and start helping yourselves with the hands and feet given to you!

  • MandlaSithole - 2011-08-04 14:16

    There goes our beautiful country. They won't discuss a feasibility study because this is not feasible. How many countries will it take to prove that nationalisation is no longer the route to go? These guys can't even manage a delivering the most basic of needs and they want to add mines and the private sector on top of that. Just brilliant!!

  • Deon - 2011-08-04 14:17

    *Google: Find Job Canada IT Emigrate* Cheers you F$%#NG Baboons. I hope you get torn to shreds once nothing's left of this Country and the poor see you driving around in your German sedans. I'm out of here.

  • Richard - 2011-08-04 14:17

    Oh you stupid, stupid, stupid people....

  • Anon - 2011-08-04 14:17

    Or better yet, take his land that he "paid" for and give it back to the government because he doesn't own it!!!!!!

  • ErrolNdevu - 2011-08-04 14:17

    we will all be rich!

  • Edge - 2011-08-04 14:17

    ooo donner!

  • BC - 2011-08-04 14:17

    Viva Zimbabwe - here we come! If you think we have poverty now - wait and see comrades, it's going to get much worse!

  • Fred - 2011-08-04 14:17

    Economic ruin is therefore also a given. We all new the Axis of Evil wanted to bring the SA economy to its knees, but who would have guessed they would wait until they were actually running the country. It would be so much easier, cheaper and better to encourage small businesses to rise and bolster employment and economic growth, instead of barely literate people making decisions without grasping their full implications.

  • sjacksch - 2011-08-04 14:18

    Here we go ... The End !

  • JustinD - 2011-08-04 14:19

    "If the ANC task team produced a study that looked at only the feasibility of nationalisation, it would be rejected outright" Doesn't that say a lot?!

  • rob barrie - 2011-08-04 14:20

    The absence of Zuma as a leader of the tri-party alliance is clear and further more the lack of understanding that nationalisation will harm the country. BUT that is not the point - like the rest of Africa decades ago and there after to take hold of the country; break it down till nothing is left and where a few has reaped the benefits through theft, fraud and mismanagement. The price this country is going to pay is big and it will never be the same again - for sure! Nobody with any money on earth will invest in it again unless they take it over - like happening north - The SA will become a colony again!!!

  • Suckerz - 2011-08-04 14:20

    Shame COSATU. Shame ANC. Suffer the People of South Africa. The Irony of it will be that the Govt will want the White Farmers to die for lands that they do not own. There will be no investment in our country, our people will starve. Hector Pieterson, Steve Biko, you have died in vain.