ConCourt set for e-toll showdown

2012-08-10 08:02

Johannesburg - The Constitutional Court will hear arguments on Friday as to why it should overturn an interim interdict preventing e-tolling in Gauteng from going ahead.

According to the interdict granted by the High Court in Pretoria on April 28, a full review first needed to be carried out before electronic tolling of Gauteng's highways could be implemented.

The SA National Roads Agency Ltd (Sanral) and National Treasury were appealing the order.

The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa), which was granted the interdict, would oppose it.

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan applied to the Constitutional Court to set aside the court order preventing Sanral from implementing e-tolling.

Gordhan argued that Judge Bill Prinsloo had ignored the principle of the separation of powers. He said the decision to halt e-tolling would negatively affect the economy. In its reply, Outa said Sanral was still not ready to launch the project.

On Monday, the Democratic Alliance (DA) said it had applied to join the Constitutional Court case.

"As a political party, the DA has an interest in the key issue in this case, namely the extent to which courts can and should exercise their powers to interdict government," DA MPL Jack Bloom said in a statement.

The party had asked to be admitted as a friend of the court to make a "substantive contribution" to the case.

"Outa has not opposed our application, but Sanral and the National Treasury have indicated their opposition.

"If government wins, then expect to see more decisions like the e-tolls pushed through without proper consultation," Bloom said.

The High Court in Pretoria would hear further arguments in the e-toll case on November 26.

Under the project, motorists would pay over R0.35/km to travel on some of Gauteng's major roads.

The project had been scheduled to start on April 30, but was postponed after a meeting between the ANC and its alliance partner, the Congress of SA Trade Unions.

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  • kenneth.roselt - 2012-08-10 08:26

    Guess what nuckle heads, I have found a shorter route to work (20km shorter), and back that doesn't involve a single km of highway, I will NOT pay, and will remove / obstruct my plates if I REALLY need to use the highways. Pick n Pay also needs to then give us on the items price how much is for the etoll, so that everyone can see how much they are being ripped off, even if they don't use the highways.

  • david.mlambo.77 - 2012-08-10 08:35

    If Pravin realises the impact of not having the systems implimented he should have thoroughly scrutinised the project before funding it. His taking uncalculated risks and should realise the consiquences without having to pass them on to citizens

  • Bea Lombard - 2012-08-10 08:36

    the e-toll is just another way for the government to steal money from the people.

  • prieurp34 - 2012-08-10 08:47

    Its obvious that its just another money making scheme, the Government never consulted the public before they had began with the construction of these roads! it is said that the Government got the funds from the state pension fund to build these roads and a overseas company also invested, they want their money back, thus the Government find themselves in the hotseat! We never asked for the upgrades and seeing that we pay so much on taxes already, I don't see the need to pay for e-tolling! We are paying Tollgate fees already, I think its sufficient as millions of cars pass through our Tollgates each day! Government should stop misusing state monies and stop internal corruption, then there will be enough money available to pay for their depts!

  • alan.jerrold - 2012-08-10 08:47

    Before anything else, we the taxpaying public need to see an independent audit of where every cent went in this TWENTY BILLION RANDS deal, that was done in collusion with a company previously involved in the Armsgate scandal, The ANC have conclusively proved over and over how devious and dishonest they are with our hard-earned money. There is NO WAY that this arrogant barging ahead by the corrupt ANC can be allowed to proceed.

  • stephan.bester.14 - 2012-08-10 08:53

    What rubbish! Etoll was not stopped after the corrupt anc and their big brother cosatu had talks. It was stopped by a court who had to interdict their illegal actions once again. Pushing through another project where they can enrich themselves. When will their corruption and greed end? Is this the legacy of a corrupt bigamist president ? May they all disappear from the face of the earth

  • john.dough.5836711 - 2012-08-10 08:58

    This is absolute nonsense. The ConCourt date is the 15th and remains so. SAPA have once again screwed up.

  • Clive.D.Buckley - 2012-08-10 08:58

    If government wins, then expect to see the citizenry resort to lawlessness, mass stay aways, boycotts and vandalism of toll gantries... Up yours ANC and SANRAL... we will NEVER be bullied into paying this...

      Klaus - 2012-08-10 09:42

      South African "spring" just around to corner - be careful cANCer

  • arthur.salvado - 2012-08-10 09:23

    Just don't register and they can NEVER administer the collection. Besides, the money will somehow be stolen before it gets to Sanral. They are dreaming but the reality is that the tax payer WILL pay one way or another. People must stand together and stop being bullied. They must first recover all the stolen money from government officials and that alone will pay for the Sanral debt in full. With the balance of the recovered stolen money, they can fix the potholes for the next 10 years. Now demand it.

  • dare.myburgh - 2012-08-10 09:26

    I don`t want to be on the free way when they start throwing bricks,rocks and stones at the people who pay toll fees,This government is playing with the peoples lives now,take the food out of a baby's mouth and you kill the baby,you kill your support of the people.

  • arthur.salvado - 2012-08-10 09:28

    With you Clive. I will NOT pay

  • themba.thwala.98 - 2012-08-10 09:34

    This is one show down the citizenry MUST win, or the taxpayers are forever going to be screwed by this “let us get rich quick Zuma`s Friends, Family, Relatives, and Fellow Cadres administration. Motlanthe's “partner” Gugu Mtshali is reportedly one of the beneficiaries

  • luca.delbianco.3 - 2012-08-10 09:50

    @Kenneth. Do you really think that Pick & Pay would shows price tags which states how much will be add up by the Etoll charge?I dont think so.People at the end of the day will have to shop around more and if they can,to organise their own veggies garden. Cheers.

      kenneth.roselt - 2012-08-10 10:43

      Luca, i don't think they will, but i think they should out of decency - let us know what we're paying for, we already know they rip us off, so why not show us the etoll tariff on foodstuff. I think this type of information should be available if we wanted to know how much they make on a line item. PS: My wife sells nappies - so i can tell you how much as a parent you're being ripped of by the retailers of this world for any baby product.

  • jessica.main.501 - 2012-09-20 13:06

    E-tolling is government open corruption scheme. now they are telling all citizen to their faces that we are taking your money. No one can do anything about it . What a thef .

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