Cheap petrol to flow again at Zim pumps

Cheap petrol to flow again at Zim pumps

2013-07-29 11:13

Harare - Zimbabwe’s ethanol-producing company Green Fuel this week resumed production of anhydrous ethanol for blending with unleaded petrol.

The company announced on Monday that it has resumed operations with immediate effect, following its agreement with the government of Zimbabwe to form a joint venture adhering to Zimbabwe’s indigenisation laws.

Operations at the plant had been stalled for almost two years, amid wrangling with the local community and government over a host of issues including its ownership structures.

According to the company, the latest development will ensure security of tenure for the 4 500 jobs created by the project to date, the continued expansion of the ethanol project and power generation into the grid as well as the expansion of the outgrower schemes at Chisumbanje and Middle Sabi, within which the project has been incorporated.

The company said blending of ethanol with petrol will reduce the petrol price as well as ease Zimbabwe’s cash liquidity crisis.

The most popular blend of fuel from Green Fuel is E-10, which is made up of 10% ethanol and currently retails at between 5 and 10 US cents below the price of unleaded petrol.

The company has since introduced E-85 which is made up of 85% ethanol and retails at $1.10, compared with $1.51 for unleaded petrol.

The company’s general manager Graeme Smith said in an interview last year that the plant itself can run and support 10% blending, but with some minor adjustments and small costs can upgrade to 20%. From there it can also go up to 60%, 80% and then 100%.

He said the plant needs to sell a minimum of 4 million litres of ethanol a month to run continuously.

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  • Hilbert Wouters - 2013-07-29 11:58

    hihi Leonard, I am super-optimistic about zimbabwe, lets just quickly relook the GDP per capita (yearly income per head) zimbabwe = 559 dollars, south africa (a really poor country) = 11,375 dollars. So every single zimabbwean needs to earn x20 in ten years, starting with a massive backlog in infrastructure and a fake democracy, I think zimbabwe is still a banana republic.

  • Hilbert Wouters - 2013-07-29 13:17

    Nope, I don't dislike Malema, he is an important part of SA society, very much the same as ET and the AWB, we need the lunatic fringe, and being raised in zambia and botswana I think ALL south africans are bombastic idiots that deserve everything they are going to get, including you Tangai :)

      Shawon Tiltman - 2013-07-29 14:01

      don't worry Hilbert malema already has his eyes on your country where do you think he got all his brainless ideas from ass wipe

  • Wekunetsa Münétsié - 2013-07-29 14:35

    slowly but sure our economy will revive.

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