Black business forms rival to Busa

2011-09-21 13:08

Johannesburg -  Black business will be a part of Business Unity SA (Busa) only if its grievances are resolved, the newly-formed Black Business Council (BBC) said on Wednesday.

"The future of Busa and the future participation of black business in Busa is dependent on the degree to which legitimate grievances and complaints are addressed," BBC steering committee chairperson Patrice Motsepe said.

Earlier this month, a black business summit decided to resurrect the BBC to unify black business. Busa itself was formed in 2003 through a merger between the then-BBC and Business SA.

The summit was convened after the Black Management Forum withdrew from Busa in July. It said Busa's structure was fundamentally flawed, with the voice of black business "permanently outnumbered and suppressed".

The BBC has suspended its participation in Busa, but spokesperson Sandile Zungu said it had not withdrawn completely and wanted to negotiate with Busa.

The BBC also planned to meet the government and various labour, women's and youth organisations as well as other interested parties to discuss issues such as job creation, poverty alleviation and black economic empowerment policies.

Billionaire Motsepe said it was a mistake to disband the BBC when Busa was formed.

"I was convinced we had structured Busa so that the blacks were in control; it was going to be our Busa, with a non-negotiable agenda to bring blacks to the centre," he said.

"We failed to understand that black business has not got resources."

He said the BBC was not formed as an entity to fight Busa. It was "to bring together the complaints and frustrations of blacks so that within Busa they can become... a successful voice and make sure problems unique to black business and professionals are addressed in a meaningful sense", Motsepe said.

  • gcr - 2011-09-21 13:44

    Shame because they could get free KFC at Busa meeting and as a minority dictate what Busa did and said they have withdrawn into the laager of self pity. BBC should be aware how little say minorities have in real terms - hope they find some real entrepeneurs and not these paper BEE wealthy individuals - please find some more Richard Maponya'a

  • Really - 2011-09-21 13:51

    Thank you Mister Motsepe. 'where blacks were in control, it was going to be our Busa, with a non-negotiable agenda ' says it all.

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