Billiton contract costs Eskom R5.5bn

2012-09-18 15:33

Johannesburg – The loss to Eskom of its specialised pricing arrangement with aluminium producer BHP Billiton [JSE:BIL] over the life of the contract and on a range of assumptions such as the estimated future electricity price was R5.5bn‚ Eskom's financial director Paul O’Flaherty told Parliament's public enterprises committee on Tuesday.

Eskom CEO Brian Dames described the agreement as "undesirable" and said the utility was working hard to renegotiate it.

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  • Ken - 2012-09-18 15:56

    Shows what you get when you have fools (i.e. Eksdom) negotiating.

  • Johan Wolfaardt - 2013-03-15 23:28

    at last we seem to have executives at eskom who are commercial "animals" that believe in good business principles being followed ... i have previously communicated with the FD on these issues and i believe they are really getting to the bottom of the rot and will stamp it out ... well done to the boys in the eskom boardroom ...

  • Brian Stevens - 2013-03-18 09:17

    Eskom, the only company in the who advertises on National Television for people NOT to use their product, charges people more NOT to use but can afford to advertise on TV during peak time, I would love to WHAT THAT is costing us...

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