Arrest warrants for top Fabcos leaders

2011-11-13 12:08

Johannesburg - Two prominent leaders of the Foundation for African Business and Consumer Services (Fabcos) face warrants of arrest.

Fabcos president Mxolisi Zwane and Fabcos Enterprise chief executive Phillip Usiba are charged with stealing two trucks belonging to a stokvel affiliated to the black business organisation.

The alleged theft happened on June 7.

The two leaders laughed off the claims as bogus and dismissed the complainant.

The warrants of arrest – copies of which are in the possession of City Press – were issued by the Thohoyandou Police Station.

Zwane, an attorney, is one of the individuals instrumental in steering organised black business away from Business Unity SA to form the Black Business Council.

The charges against Zwane and Usiba were laid by Ducksy Mkhondo on behalf of a company called Tshulika, of which Mkhondo is a board member.

Mkhondo said Tshulika belonged to a stokvel run by Fabcos members in Limpopo.

Mkhondo is a former general secretary of Fabcos. Ever since Mkhondo was booted out of the position early last year, he has been attempting to topple Zwane.

Mkhondo said this week that the trucks were operating at a stone crusher plant owned by Fabcos in Thohoyandou and they were sold unlawfully.

“When Fabcos sold the stone crusher plant, they also sold the trucks. This means they stole the trucks because they had no right to sell them. The trucks belong to Tshulika, not Fabcos,” said Mkhondo.

Thohoyandou Police Station spokesperson Mashudu Malelo confirmed that the warrants of arrest existed.

“We have been trying to get them to come to Thohoyandou to answer the allegations levelled against them,” said Malelo.

“When we called Zwane and Usiba, they told us that they couldn’t come to the police station because they were attending a meeting in Mpumalanga,” said Malelo.

“We later called them again and they said they couldn’t come because they were attending a meeting in KwaZulu-Natal.”

Malelo said the warrants meant that any police officer who spotted Zwane and Usiba should arrest them immediately.

He said the warrants did not necessarily mean that the two were guilty. However, they were wanted for questioning.

Zwane, who said he also spoke for Usiba, said the police officers who had leaked the warrants of arrest were unscrupulous. He also disputed the legitimacy of the warrants.

“If there are indeed warrants of arrest, the police must come to Fabcos offices to execute them. I am always at our offices,” said Zwane.

“What kind of police officers first go to the media to inform them about the warrants, instead of arresting me first?

“The police are supposed to first arrest me and then hold a press conference about the arrest, not vice versa.”

Zwane said he had never been approached or called by the police to inform him about the warrant.

“They say I stole a truck. Do they know where I was on June 7?” he asked.

Zwane accused Mkhondo of being hellbent on trumping up baseless accusations with the aim of embarrassing Fabcos office bearers.

“This Mkhondo is not a member of Fabcos and he was ordered by the court on October 20 to stop saying that he was a Fabcos office bearer.

If he continues doing that, he will be violating the court order and he will be arrested,” said Zwane.

He said that the trucks were assets of Fabcos and that Mkhondo had no right to lay the criminal charges.

“Fabcos bought the trucks and they still belong to Fabcos. The trucks are not mine. Whether I am the president of Fabcos or not, the trucks will still belong to Fabcos,” he said.

Fabcos is a membership-based organisation promoting the development of black business in South Africa.

- City Press 

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    Dis nie myne nie, dis nie joune nie, dis 'n ander man se goed wat ons al weer net wil hê!

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