Afriforum slates BBBEE bill

2011-12-21 15:15

Pretoria - The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act Amendment Bill is "a step in the wrong direction", Afriforum said on Wednesday.

Its lawyers were studying the proposed amendments and the organisation would be submitting comments, Afriforum deputy director Ernst Roets said.

The bill was recently published in the Government Gazette for public comment.

Companies found guilty of "fronting" could be fined between two and 10 percent of their turnover if the draft legislation becomes law.

The amendment bill defines black people as "Africans, Coloureds and Indians who are citizens of the Republic of South Africa by birth or descent, or who became citizens of the Republic of South Africa by naturalisation".

The New Age newspaper on Tuesday quoted BEE specialist Andile Tlhoaele as saying that if the legislation became law, white women would no longer benefit from BEE policies.

Nor would white disabled people qualify.

"The further away we move from 1994, the more aggressive the legislation becomes," said Roets.

He said BEE legislation dealt only with "outcomes", and not "inputs" such as education.

"There is a lack of emphasis on education and training, which would address inequalities," he said.

  • phillip.havenga - 2011-12-21 16:47

    The Nationalist Party racism has only been replaced by the cANCer's racism.

  • Blikskottel - 2011-12-21 18:16

    White people who still think that the ANC will change, should by now really start to wake up. They should also realize that the DA will just continue this whole thing as well, so they are also no solution to our future.

      Zebelon - 2011-12-22 15:01

      Blikskottel- it is a sign of a low level of reasoning and unsound thinking to tell how the DA will behave. What characteristics are the basis of your baseless prediction?

  • Carla De Bouchet - 2011-12-21 20:59

    Instead of penalties, How about Tax incentives for companies who do BBBEE development? or for companies who take on Equity Partners like they do in the States? but here in RSA it's made ugly and called 'fronting'. The greedy cANCer government wants the whole cake not realising in their own uneducated stupidity the damage they do to economic growth. I seriously don't mind having a black business partner, (considering one for a long while and not because of daft BBBEE) but don't tell me I am not allowed to do business because I'm white because that is apartheid in reverse.

  • 100002424385637 - 2011-12-21 22:31

    It is time for the Western Cape to declare it's independance from these cANCer idiots. Time for an independant state where we can give everyone an equal opportunity and we can reward those who assist in the education and bettering of lives and futures of the previously disadvantaged. Something must be done to help those who previously suffered but this law won't help at all. It brings down SA's competetiveness and investment and jobs will go to other countries. Educate and then let the best candidate get the job. Also more equal pay between highest and lowest salaries - the gap is unnaturally big but ofcourse cANCer fat cats and tenderprenuers won't change that will they... Time for an independant Western Cape!!!!!

  • George - 2011-12-22 06:22

    In June 2008, the Chinese were classified as previously disadvantaged i.e. "black" and therefore qualify as BEE recipients. I think the private sector should only employ these educated and hard-working Chinese people, who don't strike, steal, burn and destroy property, rape, murder, solicit bribes, and constantly demand more and more of everything for nothing in return.

  • kagen101 - 2011-12-22 10:56

    “South Africa is the only country in the world where affirmative action is in the favour of the majority who has complete political control. The fact that the political majority requires affirmative action to protect them against a 9% minority group is testament to a complete failure on their part to build their own wealth making structures, such that their only solution is to take it from others." London Times

  • Policy - 2012-01-05 14:43

    The problem with BEE is that it has not been well introduced to the general businessess hence lack of understanding. What adds more problem to the issue is that instead of people seeking understanding of the policy they with little information they have make subjective comments about it. No one can deny that ANC is not a model political, but the sad reality is that most black south african will continue to support it regardless. Therefore ANC in powers means BEE policy will continue to be in place. People need to start separating the policy from the corruptness and inadequacies of the ANC becasue in actual fact BEE polic is one of the brilliant policies it has ever put in place, despite minor faults. Therefore those people who feel like BEE is there to punish white people need to start learning indepth about the policy and make fair informed comments. If it werent for Apartheid we wouldnt have needed such policy therefore if any white person feels injustice about this, hang in there.

  • Niel.Kal - 2012-06-11 17:12

    I say BEE is as bad as sucks..!

  • nananatakemehome - 2012-06-11 17:17

    Someone, please remind me, why did white woman qualify for Black Economic Empowerment? What exact, historical disadvantage did the specifically suffered? Weren't they precisely one of the chief reasons the white man kept a tight control over our lives? And now they benefited from "BEE"? And if they have a secret place where they are black, where are they black? Ag, this thing about disability is a ruse. Disabled people are covered under an act to that effect. Afriforum better pray they not be found 'fronting' they will pay.

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