ANC clarifies student loan relief

2011-01-10 15:41

Johannesburg - The ANC said on Monday that only loans taken from the National Student Finacial Aid Scheme would be eligible for conversion to bursaries and not those from commercial banks.

The clarification followed a statement on Monday morning on SAfm radio by ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu that the government intends looking at converting student loans from banks into bursaries,

"We will also look at students who have received loans from other institutions," Jackson said.

The ANC later contradicted the statement, saying the plan would cover only loans from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, which is a government facility.

On Saturday President Jacob Zuma announced the provision for students who pass their final exams as part of plans to introduce free education up to undergraduate level.

  • T Zozo - 2011-01-10 15:57

    What about honours and masters students? Or even guys who owe thousands from NSFAS? C'mon Zuma!!!

  • Ida Isele - 2011-01-10 16:19

    Why don't the government apply the same loan system that the UK do. Allow students to pay back at a fair interest rate once they start working. A student number should be linked to an ID number, which is mandatory with payrolls these days, so easy to trace and companies should be the collecting agents for the government. Even if the student doesnt complete their studies it can be done, they have to start working one day. In all fairness one would earn far more with a qualification and therefore able to afford the repayments which in turn doesn't discriminate against those that don't further their studies and should not have to pay towards others via their taxes. I believe that currently the UK take up to 9% of a person's monthly earnings as student loan repayments. Free tertiary education is only fair if everyone benefits and unfortunately it can't, let's not forget we are not all mentally able to be Doctors, Lawyers etc

  • Mzakes - 2011-01-10 16:32

    What do you expect from Mthembu by holding an interview with him in the morning? You can't have an interview with Mthembu in the morning. You can't trust his soberness that time of the morning. We all know what this man get up to in the mornings.

  • Johan - 2011-01-10 17:22

    I am to white and rich to qualify for help from the the National Student Finacial Aid Scheme and to poor to get a student loan from the banks for my daughter in her second year, after she passed all her first year subjects with an average of 74%. So where do I go for help in order for my child to continue her studies?

  • A.W - 2011-01-10 18:06

    Does the white student benefit from this too?

  • Kosmonooit - 2011-01-10 18:31

    And so the culture of entitlement grows ....

  • Howard - 2011-01-10 20:15

    So was there anything in Zuma's speech that was not a bald faced lie?

  • @Ida Isele - 2011-01-11 11:50

    Ida, the scheme does allow you to pay back, at a very low interest rate. Also, the repayments required are actually pretty low too. I had a loan from the scheme, and I paid back what I had borrowed. I think this will just further instill the entitlement culture that this country has!

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