The importance of a polished credit profile

Have you ever applied for credit and wondered why you are asked for proof of employment, your marital status, and whether you own property? Rudolf Mahoney explains.

Slash restaurant bills and avoid debt
Eating in restaurants and at fast-food outlets is expensive. Here’s how to keep these bills as low as possible.
Tips to manage debt
It's very difficult to escape once the debt monster has you in its clutches. The experts at Debt Rescue offer practical tips on sensible money management.
Debt and marriage
Discussing debt may not be the most desirable of topics, but it is necessary to ensure a happy marriage, says a debt expert.
Debt and budgeting
SPONSORED: Neil Roets, CEO of Debt Rescue explains the importance of budgeting and the steps to take should you experience financial stress.
Debt calculator
Use Debt Rescue's debt calculator and find out how much you can afford to repay every month.
Break down your debt into small portions
A Fin24 user shares how he allocates his budget to manage debt as well as making provision for rainy days.
Ten quick ways to cut your costs
Here are some quick (and sometimes painful) ways to cut costs when you need to
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Why you should know your credit profile
Many people only find out that they have been blacklisted once they apply for credit.
10 quick steps to a debt-free life
Everyone strives to be debt-free or at least at a point where their debt is manageable, but getting there is not easy. Here are 10 quick steps to a debt-free life.
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