Are you struggling to pay back your car loan?

If you are under financial strain and battling to finance your vehicle repayments then credit providers will definitely take action against you. But there is help at hand.

WATCH: Crunching the numbers on fruit and veg prices
If you're spending a fortune on food you need to watch this video detailing the prices of four food items at wholesale markets and branches of four major retailers.
WATCH: Fuel costs take a bite into fruit and veg trade
The fuel hike could see consumers paying more for fresh fruit and vegetables over increased costs to farmers and higher freight costs to transport the produce to the... read more
Consumers can’t afford fuel levy, says debt expert
Consumers can't afford the petrol levy amid growing levels of debt and soaring costs of living, according to debt expert Neil Roets.
Tips to cut your household costs
If you're feeling the financial pinch then these four tips many help you reduce your costs.
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Why Debt Rescue was voted the best debt counselling firm in SA
SPONSORED: Debt Rescue CEO Neil Roets speaks to Fin24 about how assisting thousands of people to become debt free helped the firm scoop prizes at the Debt Review Awards.
Why you need to teach your kids that cash is king
The onus is on parents to empower and educate their children about money, says Fin24 debt expert Moeshfieka Botha.
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WATCH: A nation in debt
South Africans are the world’s biggest borrowers but aren’t very good at paying back their debt, according to a debt review expert.
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Heroic escape from the pit of debt
A top achiever fell into a pit of debt which cast her into a desolate space. Luckily, some sound advice helped her embark on a journey of recovery.
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WATCH: Don't leave dealing with debt too late
It is better to speak to an expert who will do a budget assessment and give advice on the the best options available for consumers, says a debt expert.
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