How to use good debt rather than bad debt

Not all debt is the same. Knowing the difference between good and bad debt can change your financial life.

How to save your car from repossession
If your car is repossessed you may still end up paying the shortfall if it is auctioned off. However, there is a way out, explains an expert.
Avoid working just to pay debts
The high cost of living combined with a lack of financial literacy contribute to the debt trap in which many South Africans find themselves, says a financial expert.
13 reasons why good people have bad debts
Bad debts can happen to good people - and it can happen so easily. Here’s how to try and stop this from happening to you.
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Garnishees: mystery of the disappearing salary
Many consumers have complained about abuses in the garnishee order deduction mechanism without being aware of the mechanisms used to control this deduction.
Signs that you may be over-indebted
It happens so easily: you have a bit of a crisis and before that is paid off, you have another one. Next thing you’re knee-deep in debt.
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Avoid being an ATM on legs
Friends and money generally don’t mix, as many people have found out the hard way.
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Debt, guilt and shame
It’s one thing taking out a loan in times of crisis and quite another living the high life on a deck of credit cards.
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Real ways to make ends meet
It’s simple: if you’re not making ends meet, you need to either earn more, or spend less. Here’s how you might be able to do it.
Your kids and debt
Where do kids learn about money-management styles? From their parents, of course. And don’t think they aren’t watching. They are.
How debt creeps up on you
Funding a certain lifestyle on credit cards, shop accounts and personal loans doesn’t take long to get you into the red.
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