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Posted by: Tracy | 2013/05/31 12:47

Collectors harrassing for old debt

I had a Truworths account over 10 years ago which was handed over to Debt Collectors. I am sure I paid the account in full. Of course I now have nothing to proof this as it was so long ago. I regularly get calls from a new debt collector for this account. What do I do?

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Posted by: ADRA | 2013/06/07 07:33

If the account is older than 3 years it means the account has prescribed in terms of the Prescription Act, even if you did not pay it in full. You need to advise the debt collection agency of this as they will not simply stop attempting to collect. Unless Truworths obtained a judgment against you in which case the judgment will remain enforceable for 30 years. The only way to get a judgment off your name is to rescind it, but to be able to achieve this you will have to pay the judgment amount in full. Once you have advised the collection agency that the debt has prescribed, if they did not obtain judgment, and they continue to attempt to collect, I suggest you refer the matter to the Council for Debt Collectors for investigation. You can find their details on

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Posted by: HANDY | 2017/06/23 19:00
i received a call from the company called NIMBLEGROUP that said that they are collecting debit I told them that debit is prescibed by they keep calling.They give me refereces number 1AL041689.PLEASE TALK TO THEM MY NAME IS HANDY DODOVU.
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Posted by: Peter | 2016/01/26 22:28
I just received yesterday 25th of January 2016, from EDCON that I owe them R10 087.00. and they records shows that the last payment was on the 16 March 2007, the I must pay, is not like I didn't want to pay them but I once had a breakdown and some of my debt I found them out through ITC, they fail to notify me or list me through blacklisting. then again on the 26 January 2016 I was called by their debt collectors, I don't know now whom to talked to please advise me if am I also legally bound to pay them.
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