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Cynthia is an accredited trainer with ETDP SETA. She has been affiliated to the Institute of Credit Management (South Africa) since 1999.

She has more than 20 years professional hands-on experience in credit, credit information sharing (credit bureau) and alternative dispute resolution. She was Credit Information Head of the Credit Ombud Association in South Africa for 8 years.

She is the founder of Credit Information Academy SA and currently serves as consultant and CEO of the CIASA, specialising in Alternative Dispute Resolution Solutions on credit, credit information sharing (credit bureau) and goods and services.

Cynthia also:

• Participated in the Compliance Committee of the Department of Trade and Industry.

• Contributed to the 2nd Regional Credit Information Sharing Conference in 2013 Nairobi, Kenya on Alternative Dispute Resolution (South African Perspective).

• Participated in Consumer Education training hosted by the Financial Services Board for regulatory and supervisory authorities in August 2014.

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