debt experts

  • Friedl Kreuser

    Friedl is an attorney and manager at 6cents, a division of Summit Financial Partners.

  • Ardiel Theunissen

    Ardiel is an admitted advocate and aregistered debt counsellor.

  • Renée Marais

    Renee Marais NCRDC1780 is an independent debt counsellor with a mission to ensure that consumers are informed of the correct avenues to follow to assist them in becoming debt free.

  • Rulane Bakane

    Rulane is a Supervisor in the Summit Financial Partners Debt counselling team and previously worked for the National Debt Mediation Association. He resolves debt counselling queries on a daily basis.

  • Neil Roets

    Neil is an attorney and CEO of national debt counselling firm, Debt Rescue.

  • Cynthia Matshiakgotshi

    Cynthia is a consultant and CEO of the Credit Information Academy SA (Pty) Ltd.

  • Magauta Mphahlele

    Magauta is CEO of Ithuseng Credit Solutions t/a National Debt Mediation Association (NDMA) and serves on various financial services bodies.

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