Shoprite stores shut over old food scandal

Shoprite stores shut over old food scandal

2013-09-11 07:23

Johannesburg - The closure of five Shoprite stores in Mozambique stemmed from the dismissal of an employee weeks ago, the supermarket giant said on Tuesday.

"The [Shoprite] Group believes that recent inspections and the current closure of five stores stem from a personnel dismissal some weeks ago after a member of management was caught selling expired margarine through the back door," the company said in a statement.

The Mozambican government's National Inspectorate of Economic Activities closed down the stores in Maputo, Boane and Chimoio for selling old food.

Inspectors would on Tuesday and Wednesday go through the stock in the supermarkets and remove everything that was not in a good condition to be sold. The company said it had a "very strict" policy not to sell any product past its expiry date.

Removed and destroyed

"Shelves and refrigerated areas are inspected on a daily basis in order for products that have reached their sell-by date to be removed and destroyed, or held in storage until they are uplifted by the supplier or city health officials to destroy."

The company had various internal procedures in place in Mozambique to support this policy, it said.

"However, with stores stocking in excess of 22 000 items on average, it was possible that staff may from time to time miss a few products that should have been removed from shelves."

The INAE would be issuing a report on Wednesday, after which Shoprite would take appropriate action.

The supermarket chain was co-operating with the inspectorate on the matter, it said.

  • Kevin Day - 2013-09-11 07:44

    Same was happening in Ndola, Zambia when I was last there. Seems the stock close to or past its sell-by date gets shipped to these out of the way Branches. Not surprised to hear this. Why don't Shoprite rather donate stock close to the sell-by date to charity like Woolworths do?

      Gerald King - 2013-09-11 08:08

      I doubt W does anymore. They now tend to leave ONLY expiring stock on the shelves at a discount for 2, and hide the other stuff. When the fools are done they bring it all back out.

      Bob Pacak - 2013-09-11 08:19 speaking krap Woolies still donate there short and expired stock

      Konstabel Koekemoer - 2013-09-11 16:33

      The Pick 'n Pay in Woodmead has expired products on it's shelves on a regular basis. I once complained to the manager about products that were months over the sell by date. The prodcts were removed while I was there but a week later the same expired stock was back on the shelf.

  • Feik Mc Heither - 2013-09-11 07:46


  • Zakes Seema - 2013-09-11 07:58

    Is this what they mean on their ads to their customers when they say low prices? DISGUSTING!!!

  • Michelle Heiberg - 2013-09-11 08:01

    A lot of items are fine even past their sell-by dates.Destroying it is a waste to the poor.No one died and they got margarine at a heck of a discounted price I think :-)

      Arthur Salvado - 2013-09-11 08:05

      Agreed Michelle unless it was dated 1992 March.

  • Tracey Collier - 2013-09-11 08:09

    Hluhluwe Shoprite not much better. I have seen meat on their shelves 2 days past sell by date

      Shaun Neveling - 2013-09-11 10:53

      You know what happens to meat past sell by date? MINCE

      Johan Holtzhausen - 2013-09-11 13:32

      Or "braai wors".

      Shaun Neveling - 2013-09-11 17:22

      If it says "budget wors" be very wary.

  • Don Leonard Shalata - 2013-09-11 08:16

    A company that follows up with its operational procedures and laws can't be disgraced for such nitwitted mistakes. Customers shouldn't have been buying from the 'Back door' in the first place, adding on to that, it is the customer who consumes the product that is responsible of double-checking expiry dates - in line with the company's fair promise to produce quality products but it would have been easier if a customer picked up an expired product and addressed the issue with the manager. That is what they are there for !

      Sandra Rennie - 2013-09-11 16:16

      Don Have to agree with you there ! If there was no demand for these items there would have been no supply ! So the 'Back Door' obviously makes quite a lot of money !

  • Matt Collard - 2013-09-11 08:17

    Funny things is we buy these goods with an expiry date of 2 days time on and get home and either put in the freezer on fridge for an extra day or two past the expiry date anyway.

      Shaun Neveling - 2013-09-11 11:01

      Most perishable products have a sell by and a use by date. After that, you use it at your own risk.

  • Dalai Rama - 2013-09-11 08:18

    They post-date the expiry date on selected products and disguise the disposal as 'special' sale at ridiculously discounted prices.

  • Tholakele Mngadi - 2013-09-11 08:44

    Ching ching ching!! Change in your pocket!!!! Its more like Poison In your stomach. I've seen worse in some of our neighbouring countries. In 2009 I was in the DRC, I saw a 1Kg pack of salt written "Made in South Africa". At the back it was written "Not to be sold in RSA". Why? I think those things are sub-standard because they had no approval from bodies like SABS.

      Mark Thomas - 2013-09-12 09:07

      Interesting thing about the salt - doubt it could be a quality thing - surly salt is salt. Probably a taxes thing - ie no VAT paid. You often have product labeled "for export only" - which sounds better than "not to be sold in RSA".

  • jeremy thorpe - 2013-09-11 08:46

    While I'm against managers selling off expired stock privately, Mozambique - and Zambia mentioned here - are poor countries, and it seems crazy to destroy food just because it's a day or two past its expiry date. The moment stock reaches its expiry date, I think all supermarket chains should immediately distribute it to charity. Good for the poor. Good for the supermarket's PR!

  • Charmaine McDonald - 2013-09-11 08:53

    Mark down the stocks and sell them before the expiry dates. Donate the rest to various charities or let the staff take then if they wish.

  • Gilbert Nkhethe Mokgerere - 2013-09-11 08:53

    i am staying six metres away from Shorprite store and i can tell you the shorprite management does not respect its customers it does not happen only in Mozambigue even is South Africa it happens

  • anesh.ashokumar.7 - 2013-09-11 09:23

    I agree shoprite doesn't care 4 there customers products are always problem also there foods don't shop in shoprite 4 that reason won't even recommend anyone to buy frm shoprite

  • Staczen Ngoeper - 2013-09-11 09:26

    Yeses!i don't even buy at shoprite because i've once buy grocery in there jerr me and my kids we had a very serious running stomach,and the cashiers in there yeses if you use cash they even robb you wth the change.i hate that store big time.

  • Gifted Moyo - 2013-09-11 09:49

    Don't buy perishables at shoprite! They are good for soap, detergents, dish towels, replacing the broken glass or cutlery. Period!

  • Binne Goed - 2013-09-11 10:01

    Be very careful when buying meat from Shoprite, I've had several mishaps. Normally smell the meat packet in store before buying. I guess the only reason why one shops at Shoprite is because of their reasonable prices. Their product quality control is not up to standard though. I once bought fried fish which was wrapped in these auntie paper bags. When I got home, I found that ink from the paper bag dissolved/leaked onto the fish. Contacted the head office and was told that these particular bags will be wthdrawn with immediate effect and be replaced with plain paper bags. This was about a year ago and they are still using the problematic bags.

      Jammies Jamneck - 2013-09-11 14:59

      Blue bull steaks and Wp catch of last month!!!

      Konstabel Koekemoer - 2013-09-11 16:36

      But Gordon Ramsay says it's the best meat!

  • Pauline Mahlangu - 2013-09-11 10:11

    shoprite in general is filthy and they all need inspections, the one near us (Johannesburg cbd) has rats and cockroaches roaming about in the bakery, I once bought chicken there and had to throw out the whole batch cause it smelled awfull

      Colin Murray - 2013-09-11 11:07

      That is where the problem lies, take it back with till slip and demand a refund,don't accept a replacement. This the only way this will be sorted out. If you are refused a refund go to the news media they would love that. Its simple logic as you are entitled to your rights as a customer.

  • Shaun Neveling - 2013-09-11 10:55

    The bulk of stock past sell by dates gets returned to the supplier. Only a few products from retailers usually gets marked down just before the sell by date. This was probably one of those products.

  • Mpilo Nomnga - 2013-09-11 11:15

    No wonder my Dog doesn't bark anymore... Last years DogMore #Pedigree

  • Benjamin Cramford - 2013-09-11 11:29

    The Shoprite in my area have another problem:- I bought Blossom margarine a while back, although the seal was unbroken, somebody allready had a butter knife through it!

      Jenny Raffles Kriel - 2013-09-11 14:42

      Our Shoprite in Mossel Bay sells their near sell buy's at rock bottom pricing the week before at latest 3 days before sell buy dates.. it's a frenzy but gives the poor the opportunity of purchasing... I think this is awesome.. never ever have I seen anything in our local store past it's sell date... keep it up Shoprite... better than donating it but everyone benefits.

  • Harry Pather - 2013-09-11 12:37

    The 'african' way????

      Patrick Mampane - 2013-09-11 14:52

      Is your bottom itchy?

      Konstabel Koekemoer - 2013-09-11 16:40

      Nothing to do with Africa.

      Mbali Eveltha - 2013-12-14 17:01

      U should invetment more of ur time in useful things maybe somehow it'll broad ur short narrow lil mind,cock!

  • Siza Silvester - 2013-09-11 13:26

    Unbelievables, Always

  • Jammies Jamneck - 2013-09-11 16:34

    All about Managment...either hands on or not..been in well runned Shoprites outlets...

      Francois Dannhauser - 2013-09-12 17:14

      I agree. Give credit where credit is due. Shoprite/ Checkers have come a long way to clean up their act and upgrade many of their stores. I for one regularly buy from one of these stores and have not experienced any expired food items on the shelves. Prices are also much lower than their opposition.

  • Yamnkela Somi - 2013-09-12 07:12

    Its all about quality and I know some of the products sold there are of bad quality, they should open their eyes wider

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