KFC outlets to double in Africa

2010-12-08 09:05

New York - Yum Brands plans to more than double its revenue from Africa to $2bn in the next four years and expects to double its number of KFC outlets on the continent to 1 200, the Wall Street Journal said.

"Africa was not even on our radar screen 10 years ago, but now we see it exploding with opportunity," David Novak, Yum's chief executive, told the Journal.

Yum, whose brands also include Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Long John Silver's, is branching out into Nigeria, Namibia, Mozambique, Ghana, Zambia and other African countries, the Journal said.

Yum Brands could not immediately be reached for comment.

  • gizmo - 2010-12-08 09:31

    i eata de cheekan.

  • Theo - 2010-12-08 09:36

    Question is: will heart disease and obesity increase proportionally?

  • BibBob - 2010-12-08 10:11

    Man... What I would do to have Pizza hut back in Jozi.

  • Salleem - 2010-12-08 11:22

    but they fail to say that you cannot buy a kfc franchise unless you own one already. stupid

  • Michelle - 2010-12-17 09:40

    It would be interesting to understand the criteria used to select the countries chosen for entry. what is their market entry strategy?

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