Carrol Boyes expands to Russia

Carrol Boyes expands to Russia

2013-03-06 17:05

Cape Town - Carrol Boyes will soon be supplying the Russian market with its designer range of home and tableware, the company announced on Wednesday.

"Expanding our market share will be the catalyst for additional jobs being created and community empowerment," said Lesley Grimbeek, head of sales.

Committed to growing the Carrol Boyes brand's global presence, Grimbeek participated in Wesgro's Export Development Programme (EDP).

The EDP offers established Western Cape-based companies the opportunity to improve their international trade management, knowledge and expertise.

Upon completion of the programme, candidates are invited to participate in outward selling missions and inward buying missions.

"We were at first hesitant about participating, but the Russian outward selling mission was successful and we were fortunate to have made contact with a multilingual consultant to assist with our expansion into the country's high end stores," said Grimbeek.

Wesgro CEO, Nils Flaaten said it has already developed good relationships within Bric countries. "Through its existing relationships, it is able to partner with the right individuals and companies."

  • Hennie Bezuidenhout - 2013-03-06 20:18

    Might be good might be bad! My whole house CB.

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