Samancor workers gather in Kroondal

2012-10-04 11:51

Rustenburg - Striking Samancor Western Chrome Mines workers gathered at the Milsell section in Kroondal, near Rustenburg, on Thursday.

They sheltered under umbrellas while listening to their leader.

They had been on strike since Monday demanding a monthly pay of R12 500 and underground allowance of R1 800, as well as a R1 500 living-out allowance. In response the company put workers on early annual leave.

On Friday workers staged a sit-in underground in Mooinooi a week after resuming work. The strike spread to Milsell on Monday. On Wednesday the workers gathered in Mooinooi, were they barricaded a road with rocks and logs and burnt National Union of Mineworkers' t-shirts.

"How can the company give out leave when we are on strike? We cannot take leave without money," one worker said.

The police kept an eye on the meeting and workers dispersed peacefully.

"We were expecting comrades from Mooinooi to join us to shut operations at this section, but operations have been suspended," said one worker, Thato Theo.

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  • justin.feuilherade - 2012-10-04 12:58

    \How can the company give out leave when we are on strike? We cannot take leave without money.\ All it really boils down to is who has the bigger budget to play the waiting game. They will be on permanent unpaid leave until they start thinking about making 'realistic' demands!

  • matshobana.siziba - 2012-10-04 13:14

    STRIKE CYCLE: The miners strike ---> investors pull-out --->more unemployed ---> Tax base shrinks ---> Gvt cant subsidize (grants, houses etc) ---> the Rand drops in value ---> inflation shoots up-prices of goods and services sky rocket ---> a few can afford ---> another strike......this time almost everyone is involved.Follow different views on by liking the page for a dialy update.

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