New offer for Amplats strikers

2012-11-14 09:02

Johannesburg - Anglo Platinum [JSE:AMS] (Amplats) has made a new offer to striking workers, a labour leader said on Wednesday, after two months of wildcat action that has cost it about R2.2bn worth of output so far.

Amplats, a unit of global mining giant Anglo American [JSE:AGL], gave the strikers workers until today to return to work or face sacking.

"Yesterday we had a meeting with the management and today we are giving the miners feedback. There is a new offer," Evans Ramokga, a labour leader at Amplats, told Reuters.

He could not disclose the details of the new offer, saying it had to be communicated to the workers first.

The strikers had rejected Amplats' previous offer that included a R4 500 one-off payment and a pledge to start wage talks ahead of the expiry of current agreements next year.

Amplats spokesperson Mpumi Sithole said she had yet to get the details of the outcome of the meeting between the management and miners.

South Africa's gold and platinum sectors have been rocked by months of illegal and often violent strikes that have resulted in over 50 deaths, mostly at the hands of police. Most of the affected gold operations are back to work.

  • gary.desousa.7 - 2012-11-14 09:28

    And so it goes on. A new offer and what if refused? More strikes,when will they ever learn.

      bradh.quaide - 2012-11-14 12:31

      Does anyone know what's happening at the Lebowa/Atok mines in Limpopo? Heard a rumor there's been some hectic strike related violence there, but can't see anything in the news?

      timmy.ditsele - 2012-11-14 13:58

      I work ther i can tell you it's also hectic.We have been at home for more than six weeks now and it seems like we wiil be at home for xmas

  • rowan.maulson - 2012-11-14 10:14

    *mutter* Amplats, fire these ungrateful louts... re-hire the ones that actually WANT to work at the wage they were being paid...

      John - 2012-11-14 10:50

      Why don't you get a job there and get some empathy for your countrymen. With your current attitude it's no wonder the ANC gets their vote!

      rowan.maulson - 2012-11-14 13:04

      John, Its not about working there, or getting empathy. They are currently attempting to hold a company and consequently the entire country to ransom for more money. I had sympathy for them initially, but now it has gotten out of hand, they need to be shown that there are consequences for their actions.

      JamesMWood - 2012-11-14 13:07

      John, the workers accepted a job at a given salary which is part of a 2 year AGREEMENT reached between employee unions and managment. They accepted terms and conditions by signing! Yhe fault does not lie only on the mines shoulders. What do you imagine would happen if one mine closed in SA due to labour issues, most foreign investores would probably pull out to, now stay with me, foreign investment equals infrastructure etc which equates to job opportunities and I believe we have a 25% unemployment rate amongst those looking for work, those on grants not included in the figure. We can't afford to be closing mines and loosing jobs permanently because a few suddenly lstening to julias

  • cabom1 - 2012-11-14 10:28

    its bin six weeks, th new offer mght b reasonable.

      denis.dendrinos - 2012-11-14 10:48

      It's has been six weeks, the new offer might be reasonable.

  • peace.ofmymind.7 - 2012-11-14 10:32

    pack up your operations and go to zim, plenty folk who'll appreciate a job. focus resources on zim plats. 49 % is better than 0 % due to strikes.

  • frank.kistler.31 - 2012-11-14 10:32

    If Anglo keeps this game up the employees will know they will not be fired....just get it over and done with....let's save the mines before they fade to grey..

  • John - 2012-11-14 10:44

    It amazes me that this CORPORATE entity is willing to lose R2.2 billion but cannot pay a fair and equitable wage to it's workers! Greed and exploitation knows no bounds!

      peace.ofmymind.7 - 2012-11-14 10:56

      its a business, and like its been said,, when will it stop if they just give in. they have a social responsibility so cannot just get rid of the workers. oh and would you rather it be nationalised and the 2.2b go to officials pockets.

      John - 2012-11-14 11:07

      peace. I found in my little business that if I do NOT foresee and preempt the employees needs, I get a go slow, act stupid, suddenly sick, accident prone, negligent work force!

      peace.ofmymind.7 - 2012-11-14 11:14

      that is true John. they should have given increases where they were due, and reasonable ones at that. no doubt that if extra cash was being paid in dividends instead of to the work force, ct a reasonable rate, them they had it coming.but I was referring to the situation as it is now. they need to show where they stand and cannot put the power of the operation in the employees hands completely.there is a process in a larger entity. it may work in everyday ptys but its not a process of you need more, here's more, go back to work. there's a work force involved

  • John - 2012-11-14 10:56

    There is no such thing as an ILLEGAL STRIKE! Employees have the CONSTITUTIONAL Section 23 RIGHT to strike! Get that clear!!

      strikeback.strikeback - 2012-11-14 11:44

      Hi John, I checked out section 23 and see the right to kill your co-employees has not been reduced to writing. Perhaps an oversight? I must admit I do not know the constitution well enough and also could not find the right to kill security and SAP staff. Maybe that is section 24? The constitution is a very nice document, but works both ways. The right to strike is based on certain requirements. If these have not been met, the strike now becomes illegal, unprotected, "wildcat". Call it what you like, it is illegal. I have the right to obtain money for a living, but my right is seriously hampered by other people right to keep the money they have earned. Hence, no machine gun when I go to the bank.

  • niel.phillips.7 - 2012-11-14 14:15

    is the representative on front page doing a zuma shower sign.....

  • jacqui.grigg - 2012-11-14 19:33

    I must not be understanding the rules of negotiation.... how many times must Amplats make a new offer? The minute you "compromise" you have lost the battle. Cowtow to the very people who are single handedly ruining the company. I echo previous comments on other forums. R16 000 for unskilled labour when a graduate teacher is lucky to take home R6 000? Oh wait I forgot. Most of this money is sent to Zimbabwe. To crown it, for every day that these mines have lost money in production, tax money is lost to South African citizens. Yes. Us. That live, work, and spend money here.

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