Jubilant miners say yes to pay deal

2012-09-18 19:06

Johannesburg - Striking miners at Lonmin [JSE:LON] in the North West have accepted a 22% pay rise and will return to work on Thursday, worker leader Zolisa Bodlani said.
Reporting back to the workers at the platinum mine in Marikana on Tuesday, Bodlani said the increase would be applied across the board.
Rock drill operators would now get R11 078 a month before deductions, production team leaders R13 022, and operators R9 883.
Workers would further receive a once-off bonus of R2 000.
President of the SA Council of Churches, Bishop Jo Seoka, who was also part of the workers' negotiations, said the offer was closer to the R12 500 the workers had been demanding since they went on strike on 10 August.
"We are happy with the latest offer; it is better than what the workers got before they went on strike."
The negotiators were expected to meet mine management later on Tuesday to sign the agreement. They would address workers at 10:00 local time on Wednesday to report back on the signing of the agreement.
Workers were happy with the latest offer. They whistled and jumped for joy, telling the negotiators to sign the deal.
Some carried Bodlani on their shoulders, saying he had never let them down and he was their hero.
The pay hike brings to an end the violent strike that has claimed the lives of 45 lives since 10 August.
On 16 August, 34 workers were killed when police opened fire on them, and 78 were wounded. A total of 270 workers were arrested.
The preceding week saw 10 people killed in violent protests.
Another man, reported to be a National Union of Mineworkers shop steward, was found dead last week.

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  • JamesMWood - 2012-09-18 19:16

    I'm disgusted, should have fired the lot not reward them like that. I think I'm gonna get the hospitality sector to strike, that'll shu down a serious sauce of SA GDP, I'd also like a 22% increase

      riaan.mostert.58 - 2012-09-18 19:34

      Indeed. This will just teach them that hooliganism pays off. Prepare for more violent strikes in the future.

      george.outremer - 2012-09-18 19:36

      This is a temporary solution to limit the economic fall-out (recession). A no-win situation as there will be an eventual trade-off between wages and jobs to balance the books.

      veldt66 - 2012-09-18 19:46

      Slave wages are gone\\\ those news24 readers who celebrated the death of other miners where are you idiots?

      judith.taylor.56 - 2012-09-18 20:00

      When you are exposed to maiming or death - won't you ask to be paid properly?

      pieter0827006294 - 2012-09-18 20:18

      So they didn't earn R4500 after all...

      JamesMWood - 2012-09-18 20:19

      Does an educated chef who litersally holds people live in his hands deserves less than an uneducated tosser. Do you understand USPH, HACCP or any of the other hygiene and stock holding protocols to ensure foo safety, then there is the dangerous equipment aspect.slave wages my ass, you are paid what you are worth to the company and obvioudly they weren't worth much

      christian.denyschen - 2012-09-18 20:28

      @ Timmy, veld and Judith you would be surprised to see how many of the commentators on news24 has sympathy with the miners but the day they first started their wildcat strike and stated killing innocent people they lost all sympathy.

      alasdair.muir.796 - 2012-09-18 21:10

      @James Mining companies have been on the take for too long, they need to come to the party and share a bit of their profits for the good of everyone, it is time they meet workers half way. Your racist drivel has no place, if you are unhappy with what you earn try striking for a bit haha

      JamesMWood - 2012-09-18 23:08

      My racist drivel you can shove. I have only recently started working in SA again after many years overseas where I was extremely well paid as I was regarded as a professional in my industry. Thr majority of you could not afford to eat in the restaurants I have worked in, but in this country an uneducated driller with no accountability or work related responsibilty is wanting to earn on my level, that aint right in any language. You say I should strike, I say my entire industry should strike, now think a bit about how that would affect not only locals but also foreigner tourism and hotel, restaurant, B

      marcanthonytaylor - 2012-09-18 23:38

      James I agree fully that our sector gets paid bugger all. Same position as I had overseas more or less (where a flat and bills were part of the deal) I'm on a third of that with no extras at all. My waiters get more than I do some months.

      neil.harris.370177 - 2012-09-18 23:54

      Lol James, as a counter to your argument, many would argue that a miner is worth more than a chef. Miners are part of a system which generates billions of Rand for the shareholder and taxpayer money. Tell me again who will care if a chef goes on strike????? Ummmmmm, a bloody cook calling someone uneducated is RICH!

      juicecard.tshaka - 2012-09-19 04:23

      @ james, as much as we appreciate your work, but sorry your line of work isn`t considered `productive` hence nobody will give a hoot.We take eating out as leisurely rather than essential - 2012-09-19 07:51

      whatever James. go cry it out!

      tito.mario.927 - 2012-09-19 15:11

      Money is only a temporary motivator, 2 years time and we will have more bloodshed. 10 years time it will be all automated, needing only a few skilled personnel. Use the money and time wisely.

      phillip.cwazibe - 2012-09-19 19:44

      1,200 workers will be retrenched so that the mine can afford the salary increases seen as victory. 1,200 multiplied by 4 people equals to 4,800 going to be hungry. Why sub-contract?

  • july.nhlapo - 2012-09-18 19:17

    Well done strikers!!!

      kolobe.mzansi.9 - 2012-09-18 19:48

      and malema

      p.leonard.78 - 2012-09-18 20:11

      Well done??!! Are you mentally challenged or what??!! You have no concept of the widespread dammage, do you care the fact the 1200 jobs were lost because of this, do you have no concept of the future jobs that have been lost (black people's jobs before you think this a racist only issue) in future project expansions and construction on the very mines that your "best buddies" have held ransom - no you and your pathetic bunch of anamalistic pieces of waste of human life dont give a damn about the negative effects and how wide spred this really has gone. Go to hell, the lot of you!!

      pieter0827006294 - 2012-09-18 20:23

      @p.leonard, don't expect july to understand the ripple effect of such an increase. That would be unfair. - 2012-09-18 20:35

      Well done to the strikers indeed? Or are we saying that violence, murder and destruction of property pays well in this country? And the hell with the jobless millions! Their prospects of EVER finding work has been dealt another deadly blow. Who in his right mind will want to employ South Africans? This is a huge step towards mechanisation and automation. And don't tell me it can't be done in mining. It can and it will. It already happened on the farms. Mining and the construction industry will go the same route.

      p.leonard.78 - 2012-09-18 20:54 - this is so out of character for me, but, VIVA AUTOMATION, VIVA!!! I am in the engineering design and I see the automation happening - hahahahahaha - they have no clue.

      july.nhlapo - 2012-09-18 23:01

      @p.leonard.78, go to so-called "hellfire"... that is their land!!!

      thabang.bonang.7 - 2012-09-19 16:09

      Don't only say well done to the strikers, you need to also say well done to the 2 employers LONMIN and NUM(pty) Ltd for giving the employees the increase.

  • matsosotsika - 2012-09-18 19:20


  • gavin.simpson.0 - 2012-09-18 19:23

    The precedent has been set... if you want a big increase go on a murderous rampage. What a disgrace.

      pieter0827006294 - 2012-09-18 20:24

      Wonder whats going to happen at the goldmines this coming week... - 2012-09-18 20:42

      And what about the associated job losses timmy? Is no wage better than what you call a slave wage? (Btw slaves do not get any wages). What about the jobless millions? What about the fact that Lonmin will not open a planned new shaft -- associated immediate job losses 1500? How about some non-racist logic on YOUR part? Trade unions like to talk about the "pain of the workers". Do they give a damn about the pain of the jobless millions? It appears not.

      gavin.simpson.0 - 2012-09-18 21:07

      timmy. racist? could you be calling me that as I am white? YOU are a racist idiot. In my culture the hacking to death of people makes you a savage. nothing more. It's got sweet efall to do with race.

      sisa.mtwana - 2012-09-18 22:09

      Power to the people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asijiki!!!!!!!! Forward to the worker!!!!!! Victory is yours !!!!!! Victory!!!!!!! Forward to our economic freedom Forward!!!!!!! Asijiki!!!!!!!Freedom is coming tomorrow !!!! This victory is for the whole country not just the miners.

      grant.callaway.50 - 2012-09-19 11:02

      @timmy - are you the guy from South Park!!? Moron! There are educated people who earn less than R4,500 a month. Fair enough, it was 10 years ago, but I earned around R2,000 a month as an AUDITOR during my articles. Have you heard of minimum wage? If you're being paid above that, how is it slave labour? You sir, are an idiot. These murderers just got bonuses! That means murders during the next teachers strike too... or clothing strike... or taxi strike. Wait - it'll be fun!

  • donovan.edwards.501 - 2012-09-18 19:28

    Congratulations to all concerned in the negotiations takes one less bullet out of Mr. Malema's gun to fire with, and also will hit him in his pocket as he now can't use others tragedies to further his own ambitions... WOULD DEARLY LOVE TO SEE HIS FACE NOW

      george.outremer - 2012-09-18 19:42

      Malema has a huge smile on his face as he seeks to claim the credit.

      christian.denyschen - 2012-09-18 20:42

      george.outremer i don't think so what did he actually achieve there except for make more enemies. next time malema will smile is when he is told to do so in prison.

      george.outremer - 2012-09-19 14:34

      Christian, If I add the words: 'The irony is that:' before: 'Malema' the context of my comment would be better understood. As much as I am loath to quote Malema with respect to 'claiming credit' he has since done so in the first sentence under sub-para: Dictatorship at: where he states: Malema said he had done everything in his power to raise the plight of the poor people in the country. "We have been to the mines in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the North West to speak to mineworkers who do not have anywhere to turn to because they are exploited." Your last sentence of your comment is noteworthy (beeg grin).

  • nananatakemehome - 2012-09-18 19:29

    Well done to Seoka and his team, this is good for the workers, their families and the community. It is also ironically good for Lonmin even though it will take them time to view it as such because these increases will eat a little bit into their holiday packages and golf hops. The next thing Seoka and his team should ensure that the families of those murdered so brutally by the ANC government are taken care off until their children are of majority age, and their spouses pass on. And let us also let Union leaders address the issue of Bo-Mashonisa, and educate membership around boikarabelo ba ho sebedisa chelete hang ha o se o e amohetse. Hore mofufutso wa basebetsi o seke wa tswela boyeng jwalo eka ke wa ntja! Hopolang hore thuto jwalo ka kopana, ke matla. Qinani Basebenzi. Phambili!!!

      nick.tarr.39 - 2012-09-19 07:07

      The miners gonna pay for the 11 people they brutally murdered out of thier pocket? What about thier families? How can anyone view these people has heroes? Or consider what they have done as good? They killed. Burned and hacked people to death because they were unhappy with thier market based wage? Everyone singing the miners praises make me want to vomit. YOU are what is wrong with this country.

  • osmaseko - 2012-09-18 19:29

    Best news for the day...this is a win for the lets go to banks.

      candice.smith.1460 - 2012-09-18 19:52

      We already are Osmaseko. Check out and

      tinotenda.panashe - 2012-09-18 20:14

      I like you Maseko, that is one sector (banks)which remains unchanged - just like the judiciary

      july.nhlapo - 2012-09-18 23:09

      Ja banks are robbing people too... let them strike also. Marikana has set a platform

  • motho.batho.98 - 2012-09-18 19:32

    Why did it had to go this far?

  • Christopher Zoony De Croes - 2012-09-18 19:32

    i wish i also could get a 22% increase !!! dammit

  • Bra Tebzaah Sibilanga - 2012-09-18 19:34

    Hahaha where are the racists who said they should be fired.Am glad they accepted.People should die before they are acknowledged as employees,not slaves.Finally they are paid what they are worth,not what some idiots believe they should be paid.

      gavin.simpson.0 - 2012-09-18 19:44


      Bra Tebzaah Sibilanga - 2012-09-18 19:50


      kevin.moxham.3 - 2012-09-18 19:52

      Bra - i have no problem with the increase - i am against the way they conducted themselves and mudered innocent people - why the need for violence, clearly they were infulenced by some outside no-gooders with other agendas. Lets see what the enquiry comes out with and who is ultimately responsible for this chaos and ciminality.

      raymond.buis.3 - 2012-09-18 19:53

      Congratulations to the miners are in order. They managed to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that murdering, threatening and destruction to property are legitimate ways of protest. Well done

      pieter0827006294 - 2012-09-18 20:34

      Viva violence!

  • mzwandile.sazona.3 - 2012-09-18 19:36

    A great victory for the workers.

      lacrimose.wolf - 2012-09-18 19:41

      Especially the 1200 retrenched

      p.leonard.78 - 2012-09-18 20:15

      There is no victory you retard!! how many have died? that is a catastrophic loss, get a grip on reality!

  • veldt66 - 2012-09-18 19:37

    Slave wages are gone so are all the news24 racists!!!!

      raymond.buis.3 - 2012-09-18 19:44

      Just wait till the retrenchments start. - 2012-09-18 20:47

      Pretty soon a LOT of wages will be gone. However the racists (like you) will always be around.

  • gerald.king.589 - 2012-09-18 19:37

    Just when you thought they stop at drills dust and trams. These guys know all too well how to get that gold.

  • cody.cross.1213 - 2012-09-18 19:38

    Jubilant? for how long is the agreement? wait till next year " I cant live on R11,078" we want more!!!

  • raymond.buis.3 - 2012-09-18 19:42

    And then next year and the year after? How long is this agreement binding? In a legal sense that is.

  • Peter Leonard - 2012-09-18 19:44

    Thanks to the selfish sick bastards, they have hacked people to death and they are rewarded with a R2000 ass kissing gift for going back to work, 22% increase and the result has stuffed up the engineering sector completely. The result is a 20% cut in salaries for us decent, honest, hard working, non-apartheid era South Africans, hope you get chronic stomach pains from the meals you get from that money - suffer you bunch of hooligan rubbish!!! Has this driven me to march with a violent weapon, no! We as normal South Africans must accept and be happy with the job we have and have the hooligan terrorism screw up what we work our lives to fairly EARN - not just get handed to. Makes me sick to the core!!!

      adri.noble - 2012-09-18 20:03

      Your bitterness will cause you depression and degrading people makes you not better then them. Get help or you will get sick, on the contrary there is no meds for non-apartheid era South Africans who suffers from \feeling sorry for myself syndrome\ GET OVER YOURSELF.

      p.leonard.78 - 2012-09-18 20:23

      @adri.noble - Your holier than thao attitude is a joke, you praise the deaths?? You feel killing is a victory? You think for the petty sum of people crying about their salaries was worth the catastrophic loss of life and the untold job loss as the wake of this remains. This is NOT a race is you fool, my statement affect more blacks than whites so clear the stupid out your head and read this again!! Black guard killed, black police killed, 8 other black people hacked to death - what is racist about my compasion to the care more for value of human life than that of their pathetic salaries. I dont feel sorry for myself, merely angered at how complaisant YOU and all your little retard buddies are to the loss of life and the magnitude of the destruction across South Africas economy - you are pathetic, you simply need education for your ignorance, but never mind, Jesus loves you regardless :)

      chule.qalase - 2012-09-18 20:33

      Why don't you quit and go to Ausralia like your other brothers??

      chule.qalase - 2012-09-18 21:00

      So you think you are the only one who was raised to work hard? Were you also raised to think you are better than any one else? If you believe in the Jesus of peace and love, pray for His forgiveness as you sound as though you are a hypocrite who only cares about himself and less about others! Why should it bother you If people get their well deserved salary increase? Why should you like call people terrorist if you are a believer when Christ represents love and compassion for all of us?

      p.leonard.78 - 2012-09-18 21:24

      Chule, at what point am I suggesting I am better than anyone else? You have no concept of what has happened, it is NOT about giving the miners more money, it is ALL about how they went about DEMANDING it. They have accepted it and lived their lives in peace and did their own thing for years, out the blue, they go on a killing spree - FOR MONEY??!! Seriously, can you really justify that with a clear concience? Holy heck man, no matter what you pray to, killing another human being for the self gratification of a worldly posession such as money...doesnt the financial gain for a few people suddenly seem so trivial to you when so many have died? For a few rands - come on, we arent talking millions each, for such a small increase, lives were lost :( I have never disputed the pact that the people were really batteling bad financially, the anger I have stems in how much destruction was left in the wake of it all and how people cheer about it - that is where the problem is for not only me, but for the 1000's who have felt the very serious negative wake of this. As per my previous note, it is not about you or I, it is the bigger picture...

  • veldt66 - 2012-09-18 19:46

    Slave wages are gone so are all the news24 racists!!!!

      raymond.buis.3 - 2012-09-18 19:47


      lacrimose.wolf - 2012-09-18 19:51

      So are 45 people, never to return and 1200 workers retrenched yesterday

      veldt66 - 2012-09-18 19:59

      The other segment of the population is angry about this deal because very soon they will hve to rub shoulders with miners in coffee shops

      veldt66 - 2012-09-18 20:01

      The other segment of the population is angry about this deal because very soon they will hve to rub shoulders with miners in coffee shops

      raymond.buis.3 - 2012-09-18 20:03

      Yeah that's it .Your powers of observation astound and baffle my mind.

      Jellyarse - 2012-09-18 20:09

      yes Veldt66, it's bad enough having to rub shoulders with racists like you!

      JamesMWood - 2012-09-18 22:59

      Racist racist racist, I got a few new words for your dimished vocab, try bigot, murderer, polygamist, rapist, thief, uneducated. Got a clue yet you twat?

  • EricksonTL - 2012-09-18 19:48

    Do these twits realise that thanks to the no work no pay rule, they'll actually be making less over the next 12 months? Murderous, violent, idiots.

      izak.burger.3 - 2012-09-18 20:38

      I've thought of this before, when the security guards went on a three month strike. It only works if you don't strike again next year, because then this year's raise you fought for so hard is compounded in next year's raise. If you strike every year, you are always sacrificing long term income for short term gain. The industry knows this and works it into their planning...

      EricksonTL - 2012-09-18 21:06

      Indeed Izak. They'll be rampaging next year again though - unions take their fees during strikes too, and they're the ones pushing for more money. Add to that the new tax bracket and the 'poor miners' went on strike to lose money. Stellar examples of African intellect there.

  • chule.qalase - 2012-09-18 19:49

    This victory is worth celebrating as it means alot to all miners who work under the dangerous condition trying to make a leaving and making this country a force to reckon with in the world!! Aluta continua!!!!!

  • eban.tempellhoff - 2012-09-18 19:53

    How much does Cyril Ramaposa get?

      sedeshan - 2012-09-18 20:59

      True eban. Not many people are aware of his role in all of this.

      kolobe.mzansi.9 - 2012-09-18 21:56

      should be asking about your white counterparts

  • peter.ballie.5 - 2012-09-18 19:55

    Don't cry when 22% of your jobs get cut next year

      Bra Tebzaah Sibilanga - 2012-09-18 20:06

      Bitter man.

  • kbngema - 2012-09-18 19:57

    Strike >> 22% increase >> RETRENCHMENTS

      chule.qalase - 2012-09-18 20:25

      In your dreams????

      pieter0827006294 - 2012-09-18 20:40

      Economics 101

  • nhlanhla.s.zwane - 2012-09-18 19:58

    I am glad that the Lonmin miners r ready to go back to work. Shame on Juliius Malema, back to loittering baba

  • judith.taylor.56 - 2012-09-18 19:59

    I am so happy for them

  • zolisa.dlokovu - 2012-09-18 20:01

    Congratulations to the new union for fighting for these mineworkers. Num-Cosatu member has failed them. These mineworkers deserve better salaries.The motor industry is paying its workers well especially companies like Mercedes benz,VW,Delta. I strongly believe that the mining industry is making a lot of money even nore than most South African companies.

  • monde.sibisi - 2012-09-18 20:01

    Kick out the raging demon(Malema) and everyone goes home happy

  • John - 2012-09-18 20:02

    Did LONMIN get rid of Cyril Ramaphosa's CONTRACT LABOUR business? Are the miners now employed by Lonmin? What will the miners take home?

  • Bra Tebzaah Sibilanga - 2012-09-18 20:04

    The money was always there,it reflects on the company's balance sheet.They played dilly dally hoping to frustrate the miners and booom it backfired on their ugly faces.Black people are human beings whether you like it or not and they will be treated as such.This strike is a game changer.

      christiaan.vanvuuren.9 - 2012-09-18 20:48

      Who said they werent people? It bothers me to the core that alot of people seem to think the only reason they did not get the wage increase immediately is because they are black? What nonsense is roaming around your skull where your brain should be if this is your way of thought....

      John - 2012-09-18 21:49

      Are ALL the SHAREHOLDERS of Lonmin white? How many share percentage does your black mate Cyril Ramaphosa own? Who owns the 50.05% of the Labour BROKER company that employs the workers and helps itself to about 60% of the money paid by Lonmin to supply labour? Guess who? Your mate Cyril! LOOK into it before you bring RACE into the argument!

  • juicecard.tshaka - 2012-09-18 20:07

    this should also teach the sellout that everyone stands to benefit from strike action hence it should be participated by everyone

      Jellyarse - 2012-09-18 20:12

      you're as bad as the Fatboy and should be locked up for incitement. You'll enjoy a few nights in chookie, greased up and benefiting from some rear strike action!

  • Sedeshan Naidoo - 2012-09-18 20:08

    to all the people calling out racists on this forum, I will remind you that the true villain through all of this has in fact been Cyril Ramaphosa!! he has been pocketing money that Lonmin paid him in cash, which he in turn was supposed to pay to the workers. the workers were fully aware of this. cover up because he is one of the ANC cadres??? wake up SA!!

  • danita.renecle - 2012-09-18 20:08

    Well done to Bishop Jo Seoka. Hope the miners collectively go to court to insist on shares of all the companies Cosatu and Num have invested using union fees. HCI coal mines, Dove Funeral services, Casino Hotels, Gaming Machines,Vukani gaming, Galaxy Bingo Primemedia, eTV, ESAT TV,Golden Arrow Bus services,Motauk Energy, Formex and part of 13% of lotto profits.

  • aiazmir - 2012-09-18 20:12

    I find this whole thing bizarre. A 22 % increase? This invites a whole lot of striking workers. I understand that deals "behind the scenes" were probably made. Someone is fomenting labour unrest (not coshita, no? Not the left arm of the ANC) and this is going to develop into a whole load of new wage demands. How do we finance this? By printing more money? Inflation here we come.

  • neil.harris.370177 - 2012-09-18 20:12

    The saddest thing about this whole thing is twofold: 1) the irresponsibility of our media when it comes to reporting. The reader was all along made to believe that the miners made R4500 gross when in actual case the gross amounts were closer to the R10K. This irresponsibility caused unnecessary emotion in a lot of people; 2) the saddest thing is that these Unions and Miners were willing to kill people for the margins they have eventually agreed to! it wasnt about pripling their salaries, it was about approx 33% and they killed people for that and looks like will even getting away with it. I hang my head in shame that the NPA was required to withdraw charges on these murderers due to political pressure!!! May lord have mercy on us for what is to come!! If I kill enough people I will get what I want.

  • robert.doyle.712 - 2012-09-18 20:14

    Without Malema this increase would never have happened. Long Live JUJU. In 1 month go on strike again for another well deserved increase.You will get it Comrades. Viva and Amandla.

      robert.doyle.712 - 2012-09-18 20:20

      Forgot to mention this proves how you were robbed all these years. Other miners will strike now for same pay rise. All those Maloongoos sitting in offices drinking tea will have to take early retirement to make way for your increases today and beyond. The tide has turned.Forward and Upward. Amandla and don't forget to strike again very soon because you deserve even more money.

      meghan.groves1 - 2012-09-18 20:23

      Shows you the mentality you and your fellow "people" have..... LOL!!!

  • Deon Swanepoel - 2012-09-18 20:16

    Does this 22% apply to all mines in South Africa and Does it only apply to the miners? what about the tradesman!!!

      Goboza Mashaba - 2012-09-18 21:19

      They still deserve 12500

  • Bafana Joseph - 2012-09-18 20:18

    they deserve it

  • matvee111 - 2012-09-18 20:25

    this is for the best,the longer the miners stay away the more chances our country's credit rating could get downgraded,this means interest rates go up,petrol hikes...we'd sink into a heavy recession

  • david.kuhn.5439 - 2012-09-18 20:25

    In the short term they are happy, but the mining industry cannot sustain these labour costs... Who really wins? not the mining workers, the more they complain the more the case is made for more mechanisation and reduced labour force. Our country cannot rely on mining for job creation, and we have fallen from the spot of #1 mining country (gold) in 2001 to #5 this year. No foreign investor will come and set up new mines anymore. Viva unemployment viva

  • irvin.mkhari - 2012-09-18 20:25

    best offer,unlike the first offer of R900.00 increase to each miner.

  • matvee111 - 2012-09-18 20:26

    this is for the best,the longer the miners stay away the more chances our country's credit rating could get downgraded,this means interest rates go up,petrol hikes,job losses...we'd sink into a heavy recession

  • trevor.gush.7 - 2012-09-18 20:31

    Now lets wait for the strike when a couple of thousand get retrenched, so the mine can afford to pay these salaries, short term gain long term loss

  • dentamokhabz - 2012-09-18 20:34

    The employee has won congratulations.

  • RaveWolf1 - 2012-09-18 20:36

    Great!! Now the REAL WAR begins. If one group can do it, they all can!! Brace yourselves... be prepared for... "If they can do it, so can we". Now the "Majority" are going to jump on the band wagon. It's true what they say,... "History repeats itself", and it will here. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy when people get what they work hard for, but to get it using violence and at the deaths of others... Disgusting. Hope all you miners enjoy your BLOOD MONEY!! Just remember, you are now feeding your family with the Blood of your Colleagues and Friends. Violence is NEVER the answer to anything. @ LONMIN: Well done!! you just proved to the "Majority" that Violence Pays. Looks like we're back to "Sticks and Stones...".

  • ignatiousmarekollemahlokwane - 2012-09-18 20:36

    The same must go to the other mines......

  • les.cunningham1 - 2012-09-18 20:39

    News24, why must you always remind of what the past has been in your reporting. It sucks.

  • lee.parker.39142072 - 2012-09-18 20:45

    The media are real scavengers and wolves. The miners are scum their bosses are scum. The place is full of people looking after their own interests only.

  • edmund.deane.37 - 2012-09-18 20:48


  • beki.khumalo - 2012-09-18 20:51

    Great news indeed! Finally the mayhem comes to an end. Well done to all those involved. Less ammunition for Malema, I'm sure he was hoping this will continue for a longer period...

  • tin.can.501598 - 2012-09-18 20:56

    So they got an increase about people trying to get political points and business points and are bene ficiaries of such...Will they have capcity to put aside for the orpans and widows of fallen brethern ?

  • tshidiso.mathang - 2012-09-18 20:57

    Praise the Lord!!!!

      christiaan.vanvuuren.9 - 2012-09-18 23:03


      Erna - 2012-09-18 23:43

      He had very little to do with it!

      denis.dendrinos - 2012-09-19 08:07

      yes amen. May he guide the souls of those murdered by the miners, and may he show those who commited the murders a one way street to hell.

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