Lonmin condemns deadly attacks

2012-08-13 08:52

Johannesburg - Platinum miner Lonmin [JSE:LON] says two Lonmin employees have been killed and six injured in three incidents of suspected inter-union conflict at the company’s Western Platinum operations.

The company immediately requested the support of the South African Police Service (Saps) to support its own security procedures in trying to contain the violence.

The incidents followed an illegal work stoppage and protest march on Friday‚ August 10 by about 3 000 Lonmin rock drill operators‚ which quickly spiralled into criminal actions by rival factions‚ it said.

“The illegal march was accompanied by incidents of intimidation and violent action against employees who wanted to report for duty. Four employees trying to report for work were injured on Friday‚ two of whom have been hospitalised after receiving gunshot wounds‚ allegedly by rival union supporters. A further two employees were hospitalised on Saturday‚ also as a result of gunshot wounds‚” the company said.

On Sunday two Lonmin security guards were killed as a large group attempted to attack Lonmin facilities.

“Their families‚ to whom the company extends its deepest sympathies‚ are being informed. The company will do everything possible to support the Saps in bringing the culprits to book‚” it said.

At the start of the unrest‚ Lonmin immediately took appropriate security precautions including mobilising additional resources and involving the Saps. Lonmin also successfully applied for a court interdict to prevent any further disruption of operations.

“The situation remains tense and Lonmin continues to maintain high visibility jointly with the Saps to guarantee the safety of our employees and prevent disruptions to the business.

“We condemn these attacks and the intimidation associated with them. We call for calm from all parties involved‚ and we expect Saps to continue to take control of the area and prevent further loss of life‚” said Barnard Mokwena‚ executive vice-president for human capital and external affairs.

“We will do everything in our power to assist in restoring peace and order.”


  • steveroodt - 2012-08-13 09:49

    Just imagine this is happening now. How are these workers going to carry on when the mines are nationalized. Just a Thought mmmmmmmm

  • J.Stephen.Whiteley - 2012-08-13 10:31

    When are people going to learn that democracy, which this country is supposed to espouse, means each one can have his own view and does not have to toe the party line. - Kathy

  • johnathon.masters - 2012-08-13 11:07

    If the miners resort to killing to get a wage increase, I hope they never get to enjoy their ill gotten gain. The wheel turns, maybe at a slow rate, but it turns never the less. As mines costs soar, more and more close down due to non profitability. May they again suffer the pain of unemployment, hunger, and abject filth and poverty, which will surely come, and is their fair due.

      dexter.morganson - 2012-08-13 12:33

      And that is going to keep them out of your home stealing to stay alive how exactly?

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