Gold Fields miners head for work

2012-10-18 09:27

Johannesburg - Workers at Gold Fields' Beatrix number four shaft heeded a final ultimatum to return to work and were all back before the deadline on Thursday, spokesperson Willie Jacobsz said.

"There is a full turn-out at Beatrix four," he said.

"At KDC West, we have seen some people come back, but it is still too early."

They have until 2pm on Thursday to be back or they would be fired, in terms of the ultimatum.

To ensure their return, safety measures were put in place for the workers who had said they were scared of being hurt if they came back while the strike was on.

"There has been a high level of focus on the safety and security of the people and we have been working very closely with the police who have given tremendous support."

Details on getting the gold mine up and running to its full capacity again would be discussed later.

"Let us get the people back and we can talk about that," he said.

Workers have been on an unprotected strike since September 24 over a range of issues which include unhappiness over the National Union of Mineworkers shop stewards, pay equalisation and a pay increase to R12 500.

The latest returns mean that workers at Beatrix's one, two, three and four shafts are all back and those at KDC West are returning. KDC East workers still need to return for the strike to be completely over.


  • altusvanzyl - 2012-10-18 10:20

    Erger as stout kinders

  • nishan.sitlu - 2012-10-18 10:58

    Could it be that Zuma yesterday called for them to go back to work because he knew that they were given a deadline for today? So it seems that they are returning because he said and not because they don't want to get fired?

      andrez.kolesky - 2012-10-18 12:09

      Hunger pains perhaps ??

  • mzondistanley - 2012-10-18 15:12

    There is reason for Concern for it is our Country that is being destroyed by Investers who at best are Foregners, if their Bird does not Catch a worm then they go to Another Country. So By not Caring for workers demands and Workers conditions it is The Country that is made to become POORER!! AND a POOR cCountry can not feed its Citizens!! So Wobaba, Let us Change Tactic we are Shooting ourselves in the FOOT!! By Not understanding that Employers Federation is bent on BLEEDING OUR economy to Povelty!! I Appeal to COSATU, NUM, THE CHURCH, NUMSA and Police(SECURITY). TO NOW FOCUS on bargaining around the Table !! AM positive that Employers Federation have learnt a LESSON of THEIR LIFE time not to Disregard Workers Concerns just because they belong to LABOUR HIRE ORGANIZATIONS!! This should be abolished through COSATU, SAME as E TOLLING SYSTEM. 0 0 Reply to Mzimba58 | 0 comments (hide) | Delete

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