Amplats offers allowance to strikers

2012-10-28 17:30

Johannesburg – On Friday evening the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) agreed to conditions that will, it is hoped, put an end to the more than six-week strike at the group.

The agreement involves a cash payment to the strikers to compensate for their loss of earnings because of the strike. 

But it does not contain any improved service conditions.

The 12 000 workers who were fired will also get their jobs back if they return to work.

All workers who participated in the six-week illegal strike will receive a R2 000 “hardship allowance”. Those who did not strike will receive a R2 000 loyalty allowance.

Workers will also each receive a R2 500 advance, which is repayable over six months.

But all workers must report for their shifts on Tuesday morning, no matter their shift arrangements. 

The offer is also subject to the condition that full shifts must be operational for 48 hours from Tuesday morning.

The Amplats strike started on September 17. Amplats had, however, for considerations of safety, sent its workforce home on September 12 because of intimidation in the wake of the Marikana massacre.

  • petrus.ngwenya.3 - 2012-10-29 05:58

    I agree.

  • deon.meiring - 2012-10-29 06:25

    So SA is now ruled by the workers? What message are we sending out! Strike illegal, until you get what you want, then you don't loose your job! And you are compensated for your illegal behavior! Is this the way forward? Will this encourage manufacturing companies to open new pants in SA? I dont think so!

  • dbo.kacebisa - 2012-10-29 07:41

    Ay ay ay only in RSA where incompetence is greatly rewarded....

  • asadpat - 2012-10-29 14:49

    SHows the desparation of the mine owners, and how the masses hold control on our country.

  • carel.boahoff - 2012-10-29 17:20

    We employ the workers others dismiss because we don't know their history. Once dismissed they apply at the next employer. This can be stopped. Check out

  • KennySven - 2012-11-12 14:17

    Amplats don't be weak,Fire all these useless striking miners and close the mine for six months,show strength. Employ 50,000 Chinese/Brazilian miners who wan't to work maybe for less. If the cANCer government can employ Cuban and Nigerian doctors(As our highly qualified medical personal immigrating,wise move)I'm sure you can employ Chinese/Brazilian miners.

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