W Cape worst hit by Eskom vending faults

2012-02-03 13:54

Cape Town - The Western Cape has been hardest hit by faults in Eskom's prepaid electricity vending system, Independent Online has reported.

And millions more across SA are affected as Eskom battles to get the system running properly again.

In Khayelitsha, people queued from dawn on Friday, while elsewhere others made a desperate dash for their nearest vendors, the website said.

The Cape Town Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry said it had received complaints from Parklands to Noordhoek, while Eskom said affected vendors included everyone from spaza shops to Pick n Pay, according to the IoL report.

Eskom’s Hillary Joffe said the utility had “over four million prepaid customers countrywide”, of whom 400 000 to 500 000 bought electricity every day. Joffe said on Friday the Western Cape had been hardest hit, according to the report.

  • kgomotso.radise - 2012-02-03 14:17

    The so called Eskom or should I call it EishKom they must get their house in order. They single out one province but the rest of the country was also the in hardship.

  • david.lebethe - 2012-02-03 14:32

    People who use pre-paid are in most the poor in the twonships. It tehreforefore means those likely to be affect are those in Khayeletsha and the surrounding areas. Little wonder there is no noise from the rich or people from white suburbs. Otherwise, it would have been a big hullabaloo were white residential areas to be affected.

      Malcolm - 2012-02-03 14:52

      Dear racist, I as a 'white' person have been badly affected by such problems before - the reason there was not a "big hullabaloo" is because there are a lot fewer of me, because nobody gives a hoot when I complain and because quite frankly I am so overworked trying to make ends meet as I pay taxes for the rest of my lazy countrymen that raising a "big hullabaloo" is a luxury I don't have. There is a "big hullabaloo" now that it affects the larger demographic, so what exactly is your problem? Giant chip on your shoulder obstructing your view?

      Brian - 2012-02-03 15:00

      You are wrong SIR, every single household in my town is pre-paid, from millionaires to the poorest. You are not aware of the major problems most "white" people are exposed to when trying to get service from your bretheren.

      Marius - 2012-02-03 16:00

      So where are those white suburbs you are talking about David?

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