Vodacom tweets network problems

2011-06-30 13:23

Johannesburg - Ahead of the Regulation of Interception of Communication Act (Rica) deadline later on Thursday, mobile operator Vodacom Group [JSE:VOD] has apologised via Twitter for difficulties "certain customers" were having calling or sending text messages on its network.

The group tweeted: "We're aware that certain customers are experiencing an inability to call or SMS. Sincere apologies, we're working on a fix."

On Wednesday, the group also confirmed that it was having trouble with its network.

"We can confirm that a small percentage of our customers have experienced a delay in using our USSD recharge system. The airtime has been credited but in some cases it is not yet reflecting on the individual's balance.

"We would like to apologise to any affected customers and assure them that their recharge will be visible on their account shortly," Vodacom's executive head of media relations Richard Boorman told I-Net Bridge.

Sim cards not registered ahead of the deadline on Thursday midnight would be cut off, the operators stressed. Operators confirmed that they were expecting a last-minute rush to register as 2.7 million sim cards still need to be registered.

Vodacom could not be reached at the time of writing.

  • craige.pershouse - 2011-06-30 14:33

    Looks like the whole of Midrand and Sunninghill falls under 'certain customers'. All Vodacom phones in our building and surrounds have been on SOS almost all day. My sister who works in Pretoria is having the same problem with her phone and all their consultants ... Something seriously wrong there Vodacom!

  • Twoplusthree - 2011-06-30 14:37

    1 out of 150 able to make a call on Vodacom. "Small group" my @ss.

  • Justin.D.Glenn - 2011-06-30 15:09

    When is Vodacom going to have a fix????? 2020????????????

  • Lankmoedig - 2011-06-30 15:17

    Now the whole network is down. Poor show, Vodacom, extremely poor show. Wonder if you are now going to fall back on the fine print, or are you going to do some tangible apologies? From: one of the "very few" who are experiencing a TOTAL NETWORK FAILURE. Congratulations, MTN (never thought I'd say that, never in my life, after I left them due to bad service many years ago)

  • Bazzpete - 2011-06-30 15:20

    Small percentage my a..!! Midrand area is heavily affected by dropped calls etc now there is no signal at all. To blame it on Rica makes no sense at all as it is only effective at midnight tonight. Vodacom - your clients are not idiots! Sort out the issues or lose us. PS I know of 18 people who are DIRECTLY affected by there being poor signal in our area.

  • Susan Nomore - 2011-06-30 16:55

    All fine and well. I don't follow Vodacom on Twitter - and I can't imagine that the majority of Vodacom users have Twitter and/or follow. I can't reach my children or their caregiver, or hubby to tell them that I will be late. I have an hours drive ahead of me and the sun is going down. What if I run into trouble? Once again - Vodacom = epic fail

  • bradley.poultney - 2011-06-30 18:41

    How glad am I that our direct medical emergency number is a Vodacom number... I wonder how may emergency calls we missed today?

      aarchaic - 2011-07-01 09:21

      you dont need to worry they could not even place the call to get to you...

  • akhtar - 2011-07-01 16:57

    i know for a fact that their soft switch caused the problem.

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