Telkom offers free broadband trial

2011-07-15 12:45

Johannesburg - Telecommunications group Telkom [JSE:TKG] said on Friday that it will offer its home and small business customers an opportunity to test its fixed-line broadband through a free three-month trial promotion.

"With no strings attached, this offer is not conditional to any contract subscriptions pre or post the trial period," it said.

The trial would be available from July 18, remaining valid until September 15. Residential customers and small to medium businesses would be granted a free subscription to Telkom's Fast Internet with up to 1 024kbps ADSL access for three consecutive months, it said.

The group said that customers who opted to retain the service after the trial period would then pay R395 for the broadband bundle on a month-to-month basis, with the option to opt out at any stage without risk of penalties levied.

They also have an option to downgrade or upgrade after the trial, it said.

All the elements of this broadband internet trial were offered to customers without having to sign any contract.

"This is a no-commitment promotion as we would simply like to demonstrate the quality of our broadband experience," said senior managing executive for Telkom SA Manelisa Mavuso.

Included in the offer was free landline and DSL installations, free modem, free 3GB email account and free access to Encyclopaedia Britannica Online.

Over the three-month trial period customers would receive 5GB of blended data per month to surf locally and internationally hosted websites.

In addition, once the blended data had been depleted customers could look forward to an additional 20GB of local data to surf locally hosted sites.

During the three-month trial customers would only be liable for the cost of their Telkom landline rental, call charges and out-of-bundle data costs.

"We are confident that customers will enjoy the speed and quality of fast fixed-line broadband," said Mavuso.

"Telkom is offering South Africans a tangible way to experience fixed-line broadband to highlight the unique benefits of this technology which has certainly secured its place in today's communications landscape," he said.

  • troypople - 2011-07-25 16:46

    Am i the only one confused? "Included in the offer was free landline........." and then later "During the three-month trial customers would only be liable for the cost of their Telkom landline rental........"

  • kenneth.endres2 - 2012-03-28 14:27

    Please be aware this offer only applies to people who do not have broadband.If you have dsl package from telkom you will not be allowed to take up this free offer.Ya i am also confused. Free landline for 3 months then change of mind pay rental for 3 months a bit confusing dont you think.

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