Cell C chief quits suddenly

2011-07-13 12:19

Johannesburg - SA's third mobile operator Cell C announced on Wednesday that its chief executive, Lars Reichelt, would be leaving the company immediately, citing personal reasons.

"Lars has indicated his wish to resign for personal reasons and, after discussions about the way forward, the board has agreed to accept his resignation," Cell C said.

The group said its board had nominated Simon Duffy, chairperson of the company, to serve as acting CEO until a successor was appointed.

During his two-and-a-half year tenure at the helm of the company, Lars has led much-needed transformation and strategically positioned Cell C for growth.

"The Cell C crew has made incredible strides over the past few years and I am very proud to have led that process.

"I am confident the company, supported by its strong management team, is well positioned for continued growth, and have agreed to be available in an advisory capacity," Reichelt said.

Simon Duffy thanked Reichelt for his contribution to the restructuring of the company.


  • GT - 2011-07-13 12:55

    trevot noah pulling rank

  • cnA kcuF - 2011-07-13 12:59

    Maybe Cell C should also get rid of all their incompetent call centre staff, including managers.

      DC - 2011-07-13 15:18

      Or just train them?

      Nicolene - 2011-07-14 07:38

      @cnA kcuF - love the name you've chosen!:)

  • Rob Gunning - 2011-07-13 13:00

    Good thing Trevor Noah is available to take over.

      IandI - 2011-07-13 15:15

      At least we will get a good laugh now and then if he does.

  • Bullet - 2011-07-13 16:30

    He has to make way for a BEE candidate....

      anti crime - 2011-07-14 07:58

      @ bullet,i agree with your comment lol, so cell c can close it's doors for mis mangement...u idiot.

  • Warren - 2011-07-13 16:48

    Two weeks? I've sent numerous e-mails to numerous managers over a period of 5 months concerning my nephew's debt to Cell-C. I finally got an incorrect response yesterday.

      Carbon - 2011-07-14 10:26

      I had a query that was not resolved for 18 months, so I cancelled my contract.

  • coconuts - 2011-07-13 17:04

    I smell a rat - very suspicious

      Jan - 2011-07-13 23:01

      I wonder, is this linked to the raid on ZTE's offices for illegal immigrants? ZTE supplied Cell C's new UMTS900 GSM network equipment...

  • Helen - 2011-07-13 18:44

    Well I hope that someone who will entrench an environment of service will take over. Because CellC's service is shocking.

      Janine - 2011-07-13 23:26

      Couldn't agree more - their service is awful.

      Honeybabe - 2011-07-14 07:22

      I am slso not surprised why he is resigning. Cell C service is below the threshold for nertwork operators. Anywho... I still wonder why people use it!

      Carbon - 2011-07-14 08:44

      I agree 100%. You can compare their service to government departments.

  • sabc10 - 2011-07-13 19:19

    We sick and tired of foreigners taking the jobs from us. Good riddance

      Sabs - 2011-07-14 08:09

      Thing is, it is the foreigners that understand the value of transformation, and actually do something about it. It took a foreign white coach to create a mentality in SA that a black player can actually be a flyhalf. Locals do not often understand the benefits of transformation

      Heronakamura - 2011-07-14 08:30

      The sad thing also is that he was employing a lot of foreign companies to provide services at Cell C. This in tern compromised a lot of local companies and was against the government's drive to create local jobs! Agreed - Good Riddance!

      tiltman83jan - 2011-07-14 09:01


  • tommy 2 - 2011-07-13 20:48

    AND I THOUGHT IT WAS TREVOUR NOAH..............................?

  • Expression - 2011-07-14 07:54

    Taurusaurus,is it your English proficiency or what? Do not jump at making comments if you have not understood other people's comments clearly. Go get gramma lessons dude....

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