PSG Konsult lands in Namibia

2012-09-13 14:01

Johannesburg - PSG Konsult‚ the independent financial services and product provider‚ has announced that it has expanded its footprint to Namibia. Windhoek based financial service firm Investment House Namibia (IHN)‚ will henceforth be doing business as PSG Konsult Namibia.

PSG Konsult Namibia chairman Brian van Rensburg said in so doing‚ the company will automatically be associated with an established‚ well-known brand‚ which has a proven track record of service delivery and a comprehensive range of financial services.

“The company will continue as an independent financial services provider under the new banner and maintain good corporate governance. This includes sound practice‚ accountability‚ sustainability and transparency.

“Client portfolios will not be affected by the name change‚ while the Board and office personnel will remain the same.

“The focus remains on personal service delivery‚ while the establishment of long-term relationships with clients will be preserved. As PSG Konsult Namibia‚ this will be further augmented‚” Van Rensburg said.

PSG Konsult have provided clients with comprehensive financial services since 1998‚ including financial planning‚ retirement planning‚ short- and long-term insurance‚ share trading and investment portfolios‚ medical insurance‚ as well as estate planning‚ trusts and wills.

PSG Konsult CEO‚ Willem Theron‚ said a long and established relationship existed between the two companies‚ which had now been further cemented. PSG Konsult Namibia especially provides strong share trading capabilities‚ with good research about Namibian companies and strong ties with institutional clients.

“PSG Konsult Namibia will play a major role in building the PSG brand in this part of the world‚” Theron said.

An example of what PSG Konsult Namibia clients can expect shortly is access to a consolidated personal financial information platform‚ called myPSG. This electronic platform provides clients with access to their financial information at any given moment‚ regardless of where in the world they may find themselves. The platform is also supported by a smartphone and tablet application (app).

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