Absa online banking crashes, down all morning

2012-05-25 17:09

Johannesburg - Clients hoping to cash in their end of month paychecks at Absa on Friday received a nasty surprise after the online banking system fell over.

Failures by SA banks to manage the huge migration of customers to online banking seems to be becoming a regular problem. FNB suffered a storm of protest in March when its online system suddenly went down, followed by its cellphone banking service the next day.

An Absa spokesperson said on Friday their system engineers were busy working on resolving the problem, but by 14:00 the system was not online yet after being down all morning.

"We are experiencing technical difficulties. We are awaiting feedback. We are aware it is month end and that a lot of people want to transact," she said.

An electricity spike was said to have hit FNB's main production and backup system during their March down time.

City Power, however, vehemently denied its system caused the outage.

  • Freddy - 2012-05-25 19:03

    ABSA must apologise and explain to it's clients creditors why payments will be late. Stop orders are also affected and this will influence credit ratings of clients. City Power cannot even ensure people especially my parents get their accounts on time. City Power & ABSA must get their act together,stop passing the "buck" amongst each other and deliver a service right now for what people paid for or else LOSE CLIENTELE!!

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