Allan Gray top portfolio manager

2001-10-24 17:16

Johannesburg - Allan Gray has again emerged as the number one retirement fund portfolio manager over periods of one, three and 10 years, according to Absa Consultants and Actuaries's quarterly survey released on Wednesday

Allan Gray turned in a 39.7% per annum investment yield over a one-year period to the end of September 2001. Allan Gray has R10.6 billion worth of assets under management.

Two thirds of portfolios outperformed inflation over the one-year period ending 30 September 2001.

This is in contrast to the last quarter's results in July, where all funds reviewed were able to outperform inflation.

Said Absa Consultants and Actuaries executive director Coenraad de Jager: "This shows how volatile returns on investments can be over a short period of time."

Second place went to Foord & Meintjies with a return of 26.2% per annum over a one-year period.

The portfolio has R329 million worth of assets under management.

The third best overall performer over one year was Oasis with a return of 21.6% per annum and R1.1 billion worth of assets under management.

In the key return-over-three-years category, Allan Gray also came out tops with a 46% return per annum.

Runner-up was Foord & Meintjies, which produced a 37.7% return per annum, while third place once again went to Oasis with a return of 32.1% per annum.

Foord & Meintjies ranked best performer over the five-year period with a per annum return of 24.1%.

Third in the five-year category was Coronation's Managed portfolio with a return of 16.8% per annum.

Allan Gray also showed the best investment yield achieved in the longer ten-year investment periods. They returned 22,3% per annum.

Foord & Meintjies was the runner-up in the ten-year category with returns of 22% per annum.

Third place in the ten-year investment period went to Investec Segregated with returns of 16.9% per annum.

Allan Gray Balanced came out tops among portfolios with a history shorter than three years with returns of 38.7% per annum. Second was Coronation Absolute with a return of 14.8% per annum.

In the aggressive category, Sage Life Managed Growth returned 15.8% over the past year and Old Mutual Profile Capital came out tops in the conservative category with a return of 15.3% per annum.

Allan Gray's prominence in this survey was once again highlighted when it was ranked the best performing balanced portfolio manager over the year ending September 30, 2001.

The survey is based on the performance of 73 portfolios controlling retirement funds in excess of R100 billion.