Security firm fights Fifa

2010-06-17 22:13

Johannesburg - The contract to provide security for four of the World Cup stadiums was cancelled by the security company, Stallion, and not Fifa, the company said on Thursday.

Stallion Security CEO Clive Zulberg confirmed via a public relations firm that the company had cancelled the contract.

"A dispute has now arisen between Stallion and the LOC [Fifa local organising committee], resulting in the agreement between Stallion and the LOC being cancelled," said Zulberg in an earlier statement.

"We cannot comment on the merits of the dispute at this stage, as it is likely to become litigious."

The cancellation of the contract to provide security services to the Cape Town Stadium, Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, and at Ellis Park and Soccer City in Johannesburg came after a series of strikes by security personnel.

Guards at the Moses Mabhida stadium started striking on Monday night, demanding more money. They had to be dispersed by police.

The strikes spread to the other stadiums controlled by Stallion during the week, and police had to fire stun grenades and rubber bullets at striking workers at the Cape Town Stadium on Thursday.

Zulberg said the salary rates of the staff were determined by the LOC.

"Stallion understands that the LOC has made various public statements to the effect that it played no role in determining the rate of remuneration payable to Stallion's guards for the 2010 Fifa World Cup. That is false," said Zulberg.

"The Psira [Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority]-linked rates were determined at the LOC's insistence," he said.

"In fact, in respect of match day guards, Stallion successfully negotiated the LOC upwards to time-and-a-half on the Psira tariff."

Zulberg said a confidentiality clause prevented the company from divulging any specifics on the contract between it and Fifa, including the reason why the contract was cancelled.

The LOC declined to comment.

"We have nothing to say about this matter," said LOC spokesperson Rich Mkhondo in an SMS.

- Sapa

  • Alibaba - 2010-06-18 01:37

    "We have nothing to say about this matter," said LOC spokesperson Rich Mkhondo in an SMS. "We (I and my other ANC cronies running this show) have made our millions and we don't give a rats ass about what happens to any of you other losers...

  • Anon - 2010-06-18 02:43

    It's only the politicians that benefit financially from the World Cup. The poor don't see any of that money.

  • Roland - 2010-06-18 05:19

    Here start the lies from FIFA, the LOC and probably at the end of this the ANC - what a disgrace they are to SA. They were so desperate to get the SWC as they know what it would mean for money in their pockets, that they have "screwed" the SA people and SA.

  • Themisha - 2010-06-18 06:04

    Bosses are always not fair to their workes. workers are always blammed for nothing! Bosses are the one`s to blame in every working sphere!

  • Jim Beam - 2010-06-18 06:42

    Once again some one has his grubby hands in the cookie jar all will be revealed soon, LOC + FIFA have raped SA long enough.

  • smbijo - 2010-06-18 07:02

    I'm just happy the contract is cancelled. The police must take over till the end. As for the strikers, no work no pay right!ยง

  • mafiri - 2010-06-18 07:32

    The Fifa loc are trying to save at the expense of poor sa securities. Every1 deserves to be compensated fairly.

  • Snowcap - 2010-06-18 07:38

    Clowns, all of them. But wait, I must reconsider. Having actually been to a circus many years ago, I have to say that it was better organised. Even the clowns knew their routine, and were a fairly polished act. But wait, there's more. There is a company called Match, official supplier of hospitality to FIFA. Match contracted another company to handle the transport of clients. High paying clients, some local but mostly foreigners, have been left waiting for hours, or indefinitely, for their transport. Most of them have paid top dollar for 5 star hospitality packages. Naturally, these clients are not amused, to grossly understate the siuation. Match paid top dollar for professional services, and these totally incompetent transport providers send in the clowns. An embarrasment to the country.

  • Jeanius - 2010-06-18 07:41

    The mighty FIFA needs a fall! ... and what is it with confidentiality clauses in a democratic South Africa with transparency laws?

  • Fiasco - 2010-06-18 07:45

    What a joke, but par for the course only in South Africa, center stage of the world. We sit back and have become immune to it. The rest of the world thinks, what a fantastic opportunity to invest in that stable country (sarc). Or not!

  • Anti-Strikers - 2010-06-18 07:47

    Surely there should be a contract between Stallion and the workers and in that contract should be an amount that was agreed upon BEFORE the world cup started? Surely these workers would have agreed to their pay BEFORE starting work? Sounds very fishy.

  • Rendani - 2010-06-18 07:49

    Though the rates may have been determined by LOC, stallion did not stick to those agreed rates. And at this point in time it would be very hard to audit the rates since the guards were being paid in envelopes. Further, it is known that the agreement was R300 per game but the guards got R150 per game. The LOC does not deal with the administration of such payments.

  • Petitmorticus - 2010-06-18 07:53

    Just a thought. If the police and defense force were paid more, and the money wasted on security companies was put into the police budget, surely more police could be employed, and specific units trained to do the security work? Having one organization doing crime prevention and security services would make a better service.

  • Myself - 2010-06-18 07:57

    Hahahaha, so Clive Zulberg the bread has been taken from your greedy mouth.Pity that the poor guards had to loose their jobs, all because of your greediness. I am glad and hoope you'll learn a lesson that greed does not pay.

  • goose - 2010-06-18 08:06

    The sooner these guys release facts the better. A contract is negotiated and the the job gets done. If the guards then get paid substantially less then one of the two parties is a blatant liar and a thief. Time will tell who it is. Why the hell they have to go to court to settle a dispute where everything is in black & white just astounds me...

  • bigboy - 2010-06-18 09:24

    All involve should be arrested and rot i jail becuase they have let our country down the drain.

  • Clive - 2010-06-18 11:02

    A major part of the problem is too little factual information & too much rumour & half truth Dept of Manpower should have an inspector on site inspecting the books & establishing the truth with support from SARS

  • Mtswngp - 2010-06-18 12:05

    To think that so many get a fat salary as so and so of Labour relations:Protectors of the workers not to be exploited in South Africa.

  • Cassidy Jacobs - 2010-06-18 12:36

    I thin that the striking officers have embarassed their industry and the country. I am working as a food supplier and am honoured to even be involved in any way. This is a momentous thing for South Africa and all eyes are on us and yet this sort of thing happens. Now the country has to suffer HUGE expenses to cover the situation. I was overjoyed to finally have a job after searching for 6 months. I have income to care for my kids but guess what its been tainted by the embarassment I feel at watching and reading the details of what is happening. When you strike like this you take jobs, respect and plane humanity out of everything let alone costing the country time and money.

  • Dee - 2010-06-25 20:48

    Any bets FIFAGATE is comming?

  • Leonard - 2010-06-28 07:28

    it started with the municipal workers, then mtero rail, eskom was also planning theirs too. what were this guys supposed to think. to take advantage of this world, to get more money or to be simple haerd, you must strike. this is ridiculous.

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