SA needs anti-corruption culture: Baloyi

2010-10-28 11:50

Johannesburg - SA must adopt an anti-corruption culture that is taught at kindergarten right through to institutions of higher learning, Public Service and Administration Minister Richard Baloyi said on Thursday.

"We must create a public awareness that makes it anti-South African to be corrupt," he said at an anti-corruption business forum in Johannesburg, hosted by Business Unity SA.

Since corruption undermined the rule of law, it was incumbent on the business community to join forces with the government to combat it.

"It is the business community that must write the rules of business, they cannot be determined by those not in business."

Corruption could stunt economic development in the country as it would discourage foreign direct investment.

South Africa ranked 54th in Transparency International's 2010 Corruption Perceptions Index released on Tuesday.

The country had a score of 4.5. Botswana was best of all African countries at 33rd with a score of 5.8. The closer the score is to 10, the less corrupt a country is perceived to be.

Baloyi said this indicated South Africa had a growing corruption problem. It had the infrastructure to combat corruption, but it was not being properly used.

"Corruption could collapse the economy in ways only realised once the collapse has taken place."

  • anon - 2010-10-28 12:03

    surely this is just damn common sense

  • Hnie - 2010-10-28 12:05

    I don't think kindergarten takes adults!!

  • ST - 2010-10-28 12:06

    Anti corruption culture is not taught at kindergarten in countries like Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. In those countries, government officials are just simply honest people.

  • Sun - 2010-10-28 12:08

    Please sir, tell that to your fellow corrupt misisters, and public servants.

  • Dibra - 2010-10-28 12:08

    Pls put more money on public servants 1st b4, u tells us about this process bcuase 1st of all u are stinchy u were suppose accept 8.6 and 1000 housing allowances bcause it was not much for employees

  • Juan - 2010-10-28 12:08

    NO! South Africa needs a culture of PUNISHING corrupt people with REAL jail time when they are caught. Unfortunately these people are rewarded millions of rands through "golden handshakes" when they are caught.

  • Tana - 2010-10-28 12:09

    Oh realy now? Like pro-corruption culture has been taught all along, right?

  • Goose - 2010-10-28 12:15

    Wake up call Mr Baloyi Corruption in SA has been institutionalised by the ANC government. You lot at the top of the trough are the epitome of corruption yet you wag your finger in everyone else faces. Take the LOGS out of your eyes before attempting to be a moral guardian of SA.

  • sino - 2010-10-28 12:17

    Never listen to what a politician says, always watch what they do. Ask Wa Afrika what it feels like to blow the whistle on corruption of high ranking ANC officials - he was arrested, detained for weeks without notifying his family, they went through his house, personal notes and computer to get his sources and try find something to frame him with, while the ANCYL were screaming "try him for high treason". If you want to end corruption, vote the ANC out of power - anything else is just lip service and we have heard it all before.

  • Pire - 2010-10-28 12:19

    It starts with the head of a country...In about 20 years SA can maybe look at this plan, but for now, with the current criminals, sorry, ministers in charge things wont change. Zuma with over 700 cases against him for corruption etc, so its only natural that the rest will follow in the footsteps.

  • Affected - 2010-10-28 12:19

    A Brain Fart, when did occur to you Sir, after all our coffers are almost empty?

  • anon - 2010-10-28 12:19

    You can start by firing ANC government officials cadres found guilty of corruption who still hold their posts today.

  • graham - 2010-10-28 12:19

    He want's business to join hands with government to combat corruption??!! this so that government can get an inside edge on how not to get caught???

  • Michael - 2010-10-28 12:23

    We have such a lot of legislation and plans and lots of talk. We are wasting time and money. Only thing that will work is to punish culprits severely. Death sentence, chop off arms etc. There will only be a few examples and I'll bet you we will see a huge decrease in corruption.

  • 1/2 Human - 2010-10-28 12:26

    How do you teach some one what is right and what is wrong? To know what is right and what is wrong, that is what makes us Human and not animals! Thus if you don’t know you should not harm your neighbor you are an animal, thus you should be treated as such! This as specially goes for Rapists and Murderers, corrupt politicians is a close second!

  • mikeh - 2010-10-28 12:26

    Most African countries experience high levels of corruption. Can Africans be taught to be non-corrupt? Is it something you learn or something you don't do because of the consequences. In South Africa there has been very little political will to stop it, and a pretty useless criminal justice system. In South Africa so far, Crime does pay.

  • Weird - 2010-10-28 12:28

    Jassis, can this be true...... what's up with all the anti-corruption black people now?? Keep voting ANC guys!! Just remember history always repeats itself.

  • Francois Smith - 2010-10-28 12:28

    Mr Baloyi,thank you for your interesting statement. You are inherently admitting that South Africa has a "corruption" nature. I believe that the admission is the first part of solving the problem, you can actually not solve a problem if you don't know it is there, can you? Now since you are taking this brave stance, can we as the taxpayers get an affidavit from Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma, Chippy Schaik and Julius Malema that they never enticed in corrupt activity. Or can you convince the former three to come forward and tell the truth, specifically on the arms deal? I mean if the ANC scored money out of the arms deal, let us be honest about it and pay back the money to the taxpayers. Then you grow anticorruption from where it needs to start - right at the top! We are looking forward to your distiguished leadership in this regard. We know there is a whole can of beans, pres Zuma admitted it - lets spill it our fearless leader Baloyi!

  • donovan - 2010-10-28 12:29

    they are born without common sense... proven fact.

  • Viva - 2010-10-28 12:29

    Anc = Corruption its in their blood

  • ockert - 2010-10-28 12:30

    Why kidergarten ?? - start with your Department and your self first Mr Minister - even an amount 0f 10cents over claimed on travel and sustenance is theft and corruption and I am sure there is lots of it!!

  • Juan - 2010-10-28 12:31

    People who do not posess the skill or intellect or work ethic to make money in a legal way, turn to corruption as it is the only alternative way to get rich. - This is proved by the fact that the more uneducated a country is, the more corrupt it tends to be.

  • Jay Jay - 2010-10-28 12:32

    What is Baloyi smoking? How can we adopt an anti-corrupt culture if the president of the country is not prepared to face the corruption charges against him. He should lead by example. More than half his cabinet is corrupt, his family is corrupt and so is the majority of ANC caders.

  • NSM - 2010-10-28 12:34

    I agree completely...from kindergarden on wards we must be taught that corruption is wrong

  • ryan - 2010-10-28 12:35

    Start with the government the biggest corruption takes place there

  • Getafix - 2010-10-28 12:37

    Adapt or die - Africa and corruption go hand in hand.

  • BT - 2010-10-28 12:38

    Just another (probably corrupt already), government official, flapping his lips, and stating the obvious. Stop F%$#@& talking and do something about it. We all know what is wrong in many spheres of SA. All you idiots seem to do is to keep having indaba's, and then blow hot air up everbody's a$#@,and tell us nothing new.

  • SN - 2010-10-28 12:42

    More white wash from the ANC... go out and tell the people that we need to adopt an anti corruption culture while secretly trying to remove every mechanism to blow the whistle on it by making whistle blowing illegal through the media tribunal...

  • simon - 2010-10-28 12:42

    If SA had an anti-corruption culture, the ANC would be removed overnight

  • ajg - 2010-10-28 12:43

    it is a disgrace that the govt only realises how serious the problem is. the people involved have no respect for the normal honest people in the country. the culprits should be all be snifted out and broad to book including top brass politicians that are involved including ministers and dg's. surely they are responsible for control of their budgets and fundings. can you you imagine a corrupt free south africa how good the economy will be plus so many more job oppertunities. even a strong currency will not effect export oppertunities ? how difficult can it be for the govt not see this. also the high brass in govt spending so much uneccessary money. i am sure they do not mis - spend their own money like that ?

  • Nigel - 2010-10-28 12:43

    I agree we need such a culture. A good place to start would be to demonstrate that the government is serious and for them to crucify ALL those corrpt players in the ANC and their "voting block". And the corruptor an the corruptee should be crucified equally. We will never get such a culture while the ANC operates on the "patronage model".

  • Etienne - 2010-10-28 13:00

    You do not teach a cultue of anti-corruption, it is instilled in you as you grow up in that you have respect for other's property, life and differences. You are brought up to be honest, of character and a person of integrity. This generally happens at home and is further supported by the church, school and community. Why do we pay people to come up with stupid ideas like this! Or have we decended to this brain-dead level were such an idea is seen as revolutionary and visionary!

  • SeanO - 2010-10-28 13:06

    FFS, Mr Minster, what have civilised citizens been trying to tell Gov for a long time now?.... we have a corruption problem... wake up, dammit!!! It seems there are different perceptions about what constitutes a "problem". Many white people are voicing concerns about the antics of Gov and you don't listen because it is perceived as whites whinging. We are just concerned citizens who have the ability to see a problem BEFORE it unfolds. Remember, Mbeki said there is no crisis in Zim - tell that to the starving masses there. It is time for Gov to face up to it's own ineptitude and deal with the problems they themselves are creating, before you have to feed your ANC loyalists from a UN truck.

  • rita - 2010-10-28 13:07

    I would suggest in view of the governments reputation, that before they begin teaching at kindergarten level, to rather begin from the presidency down through his cabinet and then let the child learn from the example. Children are good imitators of what they see and hear and seeing an example set is better than trying to teach them something that they would probably not even experience at preschool stage

  • its just me - 2010-10-28 13:11

    what corruption???does anyone have any proof of any corruption if so please take it to your nearest police station.... ut i doubt anyone has any proof...and without any proof you cannot proove a crime has taken place so i say again what corruption, on the other hand if you are found with sensitive information above your paye grade you will go to jail???THE ANC SUPPORTER

  • Joe Soap - 2010-10-28 13:21

    Most of the course materials at university include an ethics component, but I guess that doesn't help much as most of our ministers didn't go to varsity. Maybe a masters/doctorate (NOT HONORARY) in the specific administration field should the minister is working in should be a minimum requirement before even being considered for a top position such as minister.

  • K1d - 2010-10-28 13:47

    Mr. Baloyi, as a South African who refuses to allow optimism for this country (or this continent) to be extinguished - you have made my day. Corruption is not the automatic partner of ANY racial group, religion or political party, it's basis is sheer greed & YES, it is now so globally endemic that to take a stand against it needs to be taught.

  • MJ - 2010-10-28 14:00

    corruption have nothing to do with political party but individual. zille built zink toilets for blacks, she is moral corrupt. ministers are not capable to monitor, civil servants poorly paid, and currently the situation is ripe for corruption.unless we bar friends for friends position in state departments. to hell with racist judgement of corruption. police to investigate not to be used to sort political opponents. business people dont accept tenders and bribe officials then make noise about corruption. forward to clean SA

  • Ngwato - 2010-10-28 14:43

    Let's appreciate the fact that they can't hide it anymore, it's embarrassing them and their families. ANC has dissapointed the honest black masses. Black people have always had a culture to despise people who get rich from corrupt activities. In township, we no longer respect people driving big black/expensive cars, hence they stay in the Suburbs.

  • Estelle - 2010-10-28 15:37

    Children may be taught (as a subject) at school not to be corrupt, but as soon as they get home they meet up with corrupt parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, etc. Even the teacher at school having to teach them not to be corrupt may be corrupt. Morals cannot be taught - morals are breathed from birth from the environment that a child is born into. Once we allow corruption to get hold of our society it will take centuries to morally restore a society.

  • Dirk - 2010-10-28 15:49

    People have been trying to report on corruption, but two thirds of all reported cases is 'lost'. huh? And /or if you report not even the police protection programme can protect you, huh? What is this, a pre election comment?

  • snakie - 2010-10-28 15:57

    Starts with Telkom SA and SARS. Their HR and Management dismiss excellent employees.

  • Pabi - 2010-10-28 16:02

    AG, THEY ARE CORRUPTION THAT UNIT IS NOT EVEN exist in my department and i wonder why did that Baloyi APPROVED the departmental structure without fraud and corruption unit they even removed the posters/frames on the walls in all district and head office becauuse they dont want people to report them i think there must be a specilist all the way from America to check here if you can come to my department you will cry people here are discourage just to wake up and come to work because of the corruption I MEAN HELLOW

  • Anon - 2010-10-28 16:42

    If caught; chop a thumb and therafter fingers. Barberic but this WILL work.

  • J ON - 2010-10-28 17:01

    hahahaha Its just me, you a funny guy. When are you coming to KZN to do some stand up routines? Take a bow my boy. I have to agree with you that there's no proof of corruption. In fact, theres no proof of anything, including brains and the ability to actually do something. But I guess sitting on your arse is ACTUALLY doing something. they sitting (sitting is a verb and a verb is a doing word...). Now how about adding in some multi tasking. maybe typing or writing while they sitting. nothing too strenuous at first of course. We'd like to gently ease them into this concept of "work" so it doesn't scare them away. But between you and I, I think this idea of "work" is an evil colonial concept dreamed up by some devil in the attempt at getting people to be so busy as to not do what really counts, and that is to have a good all the time in my time. Now lets go for a cold one.

  • david - 2010-10-28 17:33

    The thing to remember is that President Jacob Zuma, around about the time that Mbeki first attempted to throw him to the wolves over the arms deal, was in fact responsible for overseeing the "Moral Regeneration Campaign", and that was something like 5 years ago. So people, I think the time has come to read the writing on the wall.

  • Shorts - 2010-10-28 18:23

    It will never happen until the guys at the top lead by example. Our existing Government is viewed by many as being totally corrupt from the top down.

  • Realist - 2010-10-29 06:53

    We do not need to worry about an anti corruption culture. Baloyi is all hot air and no action - he has to show SA what he is doing to stop the rot! What we do need is the political will to root out the corrruption and deal with the criminals. SA will then get an anti-corruption culture!

  • Frankie Ray - 2011-02-24 20:53

    Dear Minister, values are taught at home not at kindergarten. If you are corrupt, your children will, most likely, be corrupt too - just like racism. So, dear Minister, send your ANC cadres to kindergarten to learn anti-corruption because clearly their parents never taught it to them.

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