Police, traffic cops and prisons to strike

2010-08-25 18:31

Johannesburg - About 145 000 policemen, traffic officers and prison warders will join the public sector wage strike on Saturday, the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) said on Wednesday.
"Hereby today, we wish to categorically state [our] intention to join the current national public service strike action as a revolutionary duty to ensure that our working class power and a demand for a living wage is asserted," Popcru spokesperson Norman Mampane said in a statement.
"We have served... a notice outlining our position to join... from August 28 2010."
Mampane reiterated the workers' demand of an 8.6% wage increase.
Earlier in the day, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe told reporters that the possibility of a strike by Popcru would be
"We will regard that as anarchy," said Mantashe.
"Anarchy will never translate into a solution," he said.

  • Steve - 2010-08-25 18:41

    If all these public servants were worth it, then I would say go ahead, but they are the most useless and lazy people one has met. remeber all the protests re: service delivery? Now these same lazy, incompetent dimwits want moe money. I say shoot the lot

  • blackpride - 2010-08-25 18:43

    This means the govt is at stake,the SANDF will be left to maintain law and order,and the irony is the soldiers are also grieving about their salaries

  • Outdoorsman - 2010-08-25 18:54

    The single biggest challenge SA faces is job creation. We need every sent we can salvage to increase sustainable exportable output while combatting inflation, including capping salary increases to official inflation figures and curbing spending by officials on luxury goods. The government has to put their foot down, and I'm incredibly proud that they are. I never thought I'd see they day they actually employed wisdom in their actuals. The showdown this will create is inevitable, and by giving in to demands this is merely postponed to next year, or the the after, or the year after that until eventually our children are left to fix our mess and have to read in history books about the spineless actions of their fathers. Do what's right in the long term and do it now!

  • Vurtjie - 2010-08-25 18:56

    If the Police strike, that would mean the country will be a safer place, as most of the criminals will also be on strike then!!!

  • Johan - 2010-08-25 18:57

    This is treason. I say the army should be deployed to kill them all.

  • Michael - 2010-08-25 19:00

    Oh joy. Please would someone pass the popcorn and flak vests.

  • Graham - 2010-08-25 19:11

    well at least the roads will be safe without the incompetent traffic officers driving around

  • Benny - 2010-08-25 19:15

    @outdoorsman. Whilst you may be right, in part, can you blame the workers for making seemingly "excessive" demands if, in general, those that they serve are corrupt and or pay themselves huge increases? STOP the corruption NOW. Place a lot of urgency to bring those who were corrupt to book - make these findings public for all to see (including the "workers") that this Gov is serious about sorting out the woes of this country. The money thus saved can be put to creating jobs that pay decent wages. Massively improve service delivery - start making people in positions of service ACOUNTABLE for their actions. People who are employed; earn reasonable wages and who receive the services they are entitled to will likely be less unhappy and therefor contribute to the stability of this country and its future as an international player. A pipe dream? - probably

  • Michael - 2010-08-25 19:17

    @ Johan. Don't hold your breath on that one. The army will no doubt be going on strike on Monday. Kick back with a beer this evening and watch our land disintegrate like a leper on a square wheeled bicycle. This is that freedom they told us about back in the day. Ain't it great?

  • Aag Shame - 2010-08-25 19:27

    Great! So everyone strikes. We save billions on salaries and service delivery stays as it is (how many pupils will pass this year anyway and those borderline cases who need an additional week may actually figure out it's their responsibility to ensure they pass, not the teachers'. SA has enough illegal immigrants to fill in for those sicklings seeking medical attention too and police officers should just remember that when they strike they'll probably also loose their second income from brides too). Can't beat a good thing. We need the money for Malema's motorcade.

  • angel - 2010-08-25 19:35

    This is fun, or the start, middle and end of it. Unions are an ANC thing, they love their partners. No government hospitals operational, no cop shops open (they don't normally work anyway), municipalities striking, laugh * I need a job there too, strike if I am unhappy and still get paid

  • angel - 2010-08-25 19:37

    Forgot to add, good time to let the criminals out of jail, happy ever after Rainbow Nation of ours.

  • Will - 2010-08-25 19:40

    mr Zuma , why don't you invite some of the former public servants, former police and former sandf staff , all whom you fired in the name of employment equity and affirmative action, to help you bring order back to the country. embrace them, pull them in and you will see how loyal they will be to you and will help you restore order. in any case, you probably need one of them for every 5 or 6 current public servants, so you'll save a tremendous amount of money; they're competent, their work ethic is outstanding and they have a sense of responsibility. they will respect life, they'll treat the sick, they'll protect you and your fellow south africans --- and again--- they'll be loyal to the government that they serve. and you'll save a couple of billion rand you are currently wasting on incompetent and ineffective public servants!!

  • Marcus - 2010-08-25 19:43

    You know what they say? A fish rots from the head down to the tail. Look at the 'leaders' of the ANC starting with showerhead.. The chickens are coming home to roost - the whole bloody lot is rotten, rotten to the core! Remember what Zuma said? "If I go down, I'll take everyone with me!" And where is he? CHINA! The man in the street is sick and tired of seeing 'fatcat' ministers bathing in luxury, buying million rand cars, throwing lavish parties, etc, etc, while they battle to feed their kids! On the one hand I don't blame many of them - although allowing babies to die is unimaginable...

  • Oops - 2010-08-25 19:52

    Now I'm convinced this is the strike that Siener spoke of which leads to the collapse of the ANC, precedes the third world war as well as the creation of two volkstate and the third boer war (against England). I want to point out there is no mention of a war between white and black, despite what some want you to believe.

  • SegmaarNet - 2010-08-25 20:02

    Every story have two sides. One side is Government and make no mistake, the strikers are not working for Government, Government are working for them and all of us since we voted them in to look after us. They even promised better salaries as part of their election manifesto. On the other side is goverment employees who merely want to ensure a better life for themselves and their children in an ever more expensive life. Irrespective of reasons and personal opinions, lets be fair to both sides - negotions should be in good faith. Unions demand 13% and Government offers 6% (November 2009). 10 Months later Government upped 1% to 7% and Unions dropped 4.4% to 8.6% - where is good faith and where is bad faith? What is true is that there is a huge discrepancy in wages that are outrages at certain levels. Deputy Directors upwards within Government are fat cats with salaries bigger than their counter parts in private secor while the ower levels struggle to make ends meet with 25% plus increases in electricity that they can ill afford on lower levels - that all while Goverment claims there are no money, but openly admits to corruption (CIPRO investigation as example), extravagant increases for politicians and Escom and spending like never before on cars, overseas trips, accommodation etc. Yes, there are lots of Goverments employees which are worthless, but there are also lots of dedicated people really wanting to make a difference. Are nurses allowed to strike? No, only the supporting staff. Does a nurse ditribute food? No, she sits in the nursing station waiting for food to be delivered by volunteers? Why does teachers strike if most of them work half day posts anyway with almost 4 months leave a year - and then we must make arrangements for our kids? I would rather suggest that the total salary structure of Government be re-evaluated, starting with the president down to the lowest level and that it be brought into parallel with the private sector. We are all very quick to judge, myself included. perhaps we must first get all the facts before we make to rash statements.

  • nico - 2010-08-25 21:50

    hi I am a white policeman 21 years of age, dont write all the policemen off....some refuse to strike

  • true eyes - 2010-08-25 22:49

    South Africa was supposed to be a country of prelific example to the world. Ever since the election of 1994 the world had its eyes on the the country for only 1year when till they saw it going down the toilet.. now eyes wide shut because they know where it will go and holyness father forbid anybody to state open out loud the truth. I think another year will speak louder where the country is heading... glad to never see how its happening first hand again.

  • Wizzy - 2010-08-26 02:13

    Considering how many criminals are in the SAPS and government departments, we'ed probably all be better off. The general public would be far better off if they applied the needed justice to criminals. A shoot to kill policy - the same as criminals apply to their victims, would go a long way to bringing things under control. As for our so-called police, maybe they should all be tried for treason, with a manditory long jail term attached. Government departments, notably the vehicle licensing ones (inc. Metro), are staffed by the most arrogant and incompetent individuals one can ever hope to meet. Most of them need to be dismissed.

  • JB - 2010-08-26 03:11


  • Dries - 2010-08-26 06:46

    Just because there are some dimwits in the police, it does not mean all of us are the same Some of the comentors here seem to forget of those ones that died doing their best to fight crime and protect the people of this country. Also believe me not all of us will strike. Some of us still have integrity and commitment to do our best for the people out there Unfortunately politics did screw up the police, but don't insult the real police officers by just assuming we are all the same. As for the unions and their "highly inteligent follower" you can kiss my .... and stick your increase. This is not the way I would want an increase

  • PS - 2010-08-26 07:06

    They did not do anything to strikers at my daughter's school on the Bluff. I don't think they will be missed, only at shopping centres buying their lunches.

  • js - 2010-08-26 07:47

    Sometimes I get the idea the strike is co-op between gov and union leaders to devalue the rand, and its so clever, as the poor worker class that strike pay for it, as they dont get paid while striking.The gov dept also does not produce export products, so they have nothing to loose. the 1.6% rise is already long lost in the pay loses.

  • Realist - 2010-08-26 08:22

    If a traffic officer went on strike no-one would notice. They sit in KFC and hide in bushes the whole day in any case and never ever make any effort to enforce the law. Why is it we have the most unlawful drivers in the world?

  • Nic - 2010-08-26 08:43

    Hey.. why don't we all go on strike. it will be like a huge bloody party!! SA is officially falling like zim.

  • jo - 2010-08-26 09:15

    no wonder there is so much crime in this country, everyone loves striking. when they strike then they can be violent.

  • Enoch - 2010-08-26 09:39

    Mr. Zuma's chickens have come home to roost! Populism, nepotism, favouritism, cadre deployment, appointments based on ethnicity before competence, loyalty before independence, party before capability, RIGHTS BEFORE OBLIGATIONS. We need to start chopping the dead wood, not just at the top, but throughout central, provincial and local govt. The culture of RIGHTS BEFORE OBLIGATIONS must be addressed. I say make the right to strike significantly more onerous, violence and intimidation of non strikers a criminal offence for UNION leadership and their members. It is there for all to see, the COSATU tail is trying to wag the dog. Time it became a full blown political party on it's own, but then I don't think it could live with it's own fleas! Change is imminent.

  • Andrew - 2010-08-26 09:59

    Satureday is a great day to check my car's topspeed on the highway without any traffic cops hide behind trees or something

  • Aag Shame - 2010-08-26 14:40

    Indeed, we do have some hard working people left in public service. That's why it's such a shame that those are the ones that will probably not get promoted, yet are the ones who have to battle through the strikers to still ensure SA keeps on running. If only those striking decided to stay away for good and place those that still work in charge, we'll be able to truly build a public service any South African can be proud of.

  • speed - 2010-08-27 15:56

    Ok, On sunday morning I will take my fireblade 1000CC on the N1 and see what she can do in terms of top end.... you have got to love this country

  • johan - 2010-08-31 19:48

    How long is the taxpayer going to take this cr@p we are paying their salaries somebody else negotiates and they dont produce work anyway fire the lot

  • Sandie - 2010-09-01 13:36

    Hopefully President Zuma went to China to procure Chinese Labour, whose productivity is overwhelming to say the least and sack all the public servants who are striking. That would save him a packet and productivity goes up 5000%.

  • Vat jou goed en trek - 2010-09-01 14:13

    Is'nt it ironic that most of the comments posted in newspapers and columns such as these are by white folk who have deserted the government/ public sectors for employment in the more lucrative private sector. Please reserve you comments to people who give a damn and let the fighting be done by the people who have stayed true to the system despite the difficulties and hardships faced on a daily basis. Its hard to be objective when you are looking in from the outside.

  • fun fun - 2010-09-02 17:25

    You metro cops while you on strike and in the mood for destruction why don’t you show your dissatisfaction by destroying those laser toys of yours!!

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