Govt to defend AA appointments

2010-05-28 07:19

 Johannesburg - The correctional services department vowed on Thursday to defend a case brought by trade union Solidarity against its affirmative action practices.

"We believe strongly that this has nothing to do with discrimination as appointments... have included all racial groups, as informed by a need to maintain a delicate and dynamic balance to meet our equity targets," spokesperson Manelisi Wolela said in a statement.

The trade union was challenging the government's affirmative action practices and questioning why a white candidate, Herman Denysschen, was not given a job in the department.

In papers filed with the Johannesburg Labour Court, the union claims the position was not advertised as a designated post for achieving affirmative action targets. It states that all interested applicants who complied with the minimum set requirements, irrespective of race of gender, had a right to apply.

Denysschen was shortlisted for the post in July 2007 and interviewed by a panel which recommended him for the position.

He later received notification that the post of assistant director systems management would not be filled as it did not fit equity plans.

Solidarity deputy secretary general Dirk Hermann told reporters outside the court on Thursday the union was not happy about the postponement as it meant justice would be delayed.

"Correctional services knew about the case from February... they knew what was in dispute... they knew for a long time.

"Late last night they (the department) filed some papers and this morning came here... unprepared, without a witness."

The matter was postponed to September 23.

Wolela said the department would be "more than" ready to present its "compelling case".

- Sapa

  • Wow - 2010-05-28 09:01

    Whites in government must by now know that their time is up. It does not matter how skilled they might be, they will always be overlooked. So it begs the question, what will they do. Nothing as always, complain about it, yes of course. The frog in a pot of boiling water experiment comes to mind.

  • Realist - 2010-05-28 09:25

    The ANC are determined to play the AA card forever. That is the only way they can ensure continued support. Suitability and competence do not enter the ANC equation. AA = black only. 16 years of AA has only promoted Apartheid, racism and incompetence! So much for the Rainbow nation. The only nation the ANC wants is a Black nation to keep them in power.

  • FarmerBrown - 2011-05-05 00:12

    Why would any skilled individual remain in this society. AA places incompetant people in positions which compromise future growth. This hampers employment. Service levels are at an all time low and Govt. salaries an all time high.... somethings wrong !!!

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