Govt committed to solving wage dispute

2010-08-17 16:36

Johannesburg - Government remained committed to finding a solution to the public service wage dispute, Deputy Public Service and Administration Minister Roy Padayachie said on Tuesday.
Speaking in the National Assembly, he said government was making "extremely strenuous efforts" to meet the demands made by the public sector workers on the state.
"We are in the midst of trying to finalise the negotiations in the public sector dispute," he said.
Government's offer was a 7% increase, against the unions' demand of 8.6%.
Government was also offering a further 1.5%, defined as pay progression, and a further 0.5%, which was attributable to the housing allowance that amounted to R700.
This made a total of about 9% against the demands the unions were making. Government had now moved in this particular
offer from its initial opening offer of 6% to a total sum of 9%, Padayachie said.
On the housing allowance demand, government had now moved from an opening offer of R600 to R700.
This proposal was currently being considered in the bargaining council.
Padayachie gave the assurance that within the resources available to the state, government was determined to find an appropriate solution that balanced both the interests of the public sector as well as the public interest of the people they were serving.
"We cannot allow ourselves to be compromised from meeting the obligations that we as a government have committed (to) in our programme of action, and the issues of finding an appropriate solution and ensuring that the strike is averted are very central to our commitment, Padayachie said.
"The workers of this country have a democratic right to strike, but insofar as we support that and take heed of that right, we also would like to urge the workers concerned that that right must be exercised without any threat, intimidation, or violence."
Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana called on all parties to endeavour to find a settlement "in any dispute that they may have".
"I know the strike is not what the workers want. I know that the strike is not what the employers want," he said.
There was no other solution except to go back to the negotiation table.
"It is important that we make sure that in South Africa social dialogue succeeds. There is no other method... Back to the negotiation table to find a settlement. Others will not resolve the dispute," Mdladlana said.

  • Psychologist - 2010-08-17 17:49

    While you are so willing to find a solution mr Padyachie. The pschologists working for government have'nt received the OSD which was suppossed to be paid in 2008. Can you be trusted?

  • Sipho Leshaba - 2010-08-17 19:20

    Please stop lying about 1.5% course only few qualify for it. Do you think in this world we are living R700 is enough to rent or pay a bond. politicians must be realistic and protect the wellbeing of the workers. They must also remember that those percent wil be TAXED and in reality there is no much

  • Teacher - 2010-08-17 22:49

    The goverment has millions to give to Zimbabwe and we do not even know what was done with the money, as well as millions spent on tickets for fat cats. Now they do not have money for their teachers, no we can not trust this goverment.

  • LETONA - 2010-08-18 09:27

    Why government wait toooooooooo long before it sort out employees salaries especialy teachers?I agree with Psychologist,OSD turned to be a joke when coming to teachers.When two BULLS fight,the grass suffer.Our children suffer 'cause of employer's ignorance.Why waiting for a problem to reach u before solving it?Is prevention no more better than cure within the ruling party?

  • Tebogo - 2010-08-18 15:02

    y when they(Ministers and other who r in power)get increase, they don't talk about ressecion and inflation. government employees dont affort houses, car, etc.

  • melvyn shai - 2010-08-18 15:33

    it is a disgrace for our anc led government to fail the very same workers that make the government run smooth.if the corruptors of public funds and resources can still receive salaries what is wrong with paying the civil servants.let us share the profit made during the world cup.stop harrassing our civil servant,give them what they want,comrade president tell the minister to comply.we the poor are suffering from this stike.allutah continua comrades.the people shall share.

  • Taele - 2010-08-20 10:02

    It is simple comrates,we voted for them and they refuse to give us living salaries,lets note it,manicipal ellections are coming. after a while it will be national ellections, that is were we will get the ANC government right...lets vote in clever way to show them that we have the power like them...VIVA 8.6% & R1000 HOUSING VIVA,LETS THEM FEEL IT...

  • Leonard - 2010-08-22 11:53

    The government is not willing to give is R1000 housing allowance but they can afford to bailout SAA, SABC and Eskom. Eskom even got R1500 housing allowance, while they are in financial difficulties. We can not accept less than R1000 housing allowance.

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