Cosatu ready for massive strike

2010-05-27 13:58

Johannesburg - A meeting at Nedlac in June will determine whether Congress of SA Trade Unions members can down tools over high electricity tariffs, the trade federation's general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi said on Thursday.

"If no progress is made at that meeting, Cosatu will mobilise its members for a massive strike as soon as [the National Economic Development and Labour Council] declares that the matter has been duly considered," he said at a media briefing after a meeting of Cosatu leadership.

The Nedlac meeting would take place on June 14, days after the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Vavi said Cosatu delivered a Section 77 notice to Nedlac in April.

The respondents to this are the department of trade and industry, the department of energy, the department of economic development, Eskom, the National Energy Regulator of SA and others.

At a meeting on May 25, respondents said they did not have a mandate, but agreed to respond in writing to issues raised in the notice before the June 14 meeting.

He said it was Cosatu's right to embark on industrial action.

"When we do so [go on strike] no one must accuse us of holding anyone to ransom," Vavi said.

Cosatu was being supported by the Federation of Unions of SA in its attempt to reverse the high price of electricity in the country.

Cosatu had also met the ANC to discuss the energy matter.

Vavi said these talks were being taken forward and if a solution was found in this process there would no longer be a need to engage in the legal processes through Nedlac.

  - Sapa

  • rs - 2010-05-27 14:12

    Well, why not another strike. I believe Mr Vavi is very much a supporter of the current Transport Strike which is still ongoing and creating havoc with Exports and Imports. Why not to show all the foreigh visitors how wonderful the Rainbow Nation works and I hope that some of them have the time to read the Newspapers to see what is goign on in the beautiful S A.

  • JM - 2010-05-27 16:40

    Usual pattern is strike for 2 weeks os so, cost country Billions which is more than total amount involved in wage demands. Then settle for mid point figure betwwen strikers and employers. But this is so broad and vague - what could settlement point be? Maybe it's just fun and exciting to strike. It can't be to embarass the government as they are incapable of being embarassed, taking responsibility or resigning when grave errors of judgement are exposed.

  • Rick - 2010-05-27 16:47

    The labour unions incl Vavi are in it for themselves and could not give a continental about more job losses and price increases due to strikes.The union members just can't see it so the unions just keep pulling the wool over there eyes to fill their back pocketsand at the same time screw up the country.Also, the labour laws need to be relaxed to make the worker responsable and accountable for his job instead of being nannied.

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