Alarm over missing tender records

2010-10-19 22:48

Johannesburg - Minister of Monitoring and Evaluation Collins Chabane on Tuesday urged government managers to co-operate with auditors, a North West government spokesperson said.

This was after some tender records were reported missing on the eve of an audit, spokesperson Matshube Mfoloe said.

In addition, two departments in the province received disclaimers while six others got qualified audits and five were given unqualified audits as a result of unauthorised and irregular expenditures.

"How does a document about a tender get lost... that cannot happen without a person explaining and this creates fertile ground for corruption," Chabane was quoted as saying in a statement.

He said auditing of departments and audit findings should be viewed as an instrument for improvement by managers.

"It should not be an albatross around our neck.

"What is it that you are hiding because we do not know what is it that you are hiding," Chabane said.

Chabane was accompanied by Auditor General Terence Nombembe to a meeting attended by North West premier Maureen Modiselle and her executives in Mafikeng to discuss the 2009/10 audit outcomes.

He said moves were underway to provide administrative support to increase capacity where it was requested, in a bid to assist departments to pay attention to areas that needed improvement.

Modiselle said it was important that existing funded vacancies be filled with competent people and welcomed the offer from the presidency to provide administrative support.

  • croix - 2010-10-20 02:51

    "Moves are (ALWAYS) underway to provide admin support to increase capacity....." Another favourite is : "We must ensure this, we must ensure that... " - but as a responsible and transparent government, all the "moves" and "ensuring" amounts to a shameful NOTHING ! My wish is that you all shut up and go away - bunch of vultures. Sexwale was right - it is now so widespread as to be "endemic"!

  • Kevin Rack - 2010-10-20 04:26

    More hard earned tax payers money that should be used for schools been looted by the ANC Hyenas. One day the cupboards will be bare and like Zimbobwe the colonialist will be be blamed.

  • Andre - 2010-10-20 06:35

    Simple solution - fire the person(s) in charge, and charge him(them) with corruption, negligence and more; and hire competent person(s) in his(their) place

  • Gerrie - 2010-10-20 06:35

    A missing tender record spell corruption !!

  • martin albert - 2010-10-20 06:52

    It is too late the horse has bolted! The frustrating part is that the gov always talk about it after the fact, and corruption continues to flourish.

  • Ferdie van Wyk - 2010-10-20 07:14

    I perceive this as a damning report. Why is no one ever brought to book for these irregularities. It is obvious that someone is cooking trhe books. Is it that impossible to determine who is resp0onsible and take action once and for all.

  • ian - 2010-10-20 07:14

    What you can be sure of is that they are hiding something. Hence they want to stiffle the media

  • mikeh - 2010-10-20 07:21

    The documents obviously disappeared to protect the guilty. I wonder what percentage of income tax is lost due to the rampant theft and corruption by ANC government officials. No wonder service delivery is not happening.

  • amajuba - 2010-10-20 09:21

    Ah, I have a suggestion, Form a commitee to look into the matter and pay some judge to precide over a commission to report. That will solve the problem and cost the tax payer a million a day!

  • Tony - 2010-10-20 09:37

    Zuma's ANC and the government constitute the biggest and most well organised crime syndicate in the country.There sadly no ANC leaders of honour and integrity who have the compulsion or desire to stop the rot so the deception of the needy and their arrested development.The lies and plunder shall prevail.When will the electorate come to their senses?

  • Anon - 2010-10-20 10:35

    The auditors reports eventually gets used as toilet paper because nobody follows up on them. We are quick to make laws and policies; but there is a lack of accountability and responsibility.

  • Sakhele - 2010-10-20 12:45

    If there is no tender document, then clearly there should be no tender. Anytender existing without documents should then be rendered illegal, and thus terminated and the tendepreneur arrested.

  • Sydney - 2010-10-20 19:01

    It is grossly wrong for anyone to always point fingers at the ANC whenever there are suspicions of corruption, in as much as I understand that the ANC is in a majority. Has anyone considered questioning the political affiliations of these culprits. Lets not try and use the ANC's when it suits us,please. There are individuals who are not necessarily members of the ANC but are determined pull the organisation down in whatever way. The DA itself has got very corrupt elements who are very intelligent in making sure they cover their tracks simply because the have vast experience.

  • Tanya - 2010-10-27 05:39

    Why is everybody so suprised? This is the norm in our country now. Public servants are there to plunder the state coffers and enrich themselves, after all they are entitled to it.......Zim here we come!

  • Mugsy - 2010-10-27 08:18

    Sydney, as the ruling party and the party responsible for governing most of the departments and areas of service delivery, they are accountable and to blame. Your comments about the DA are even more ridiculous. If you have proof put it on the table, instead of implying that they're just better at covering up. But by saying that, I guess you've contradicted yourself by admitting there is vast curruption in your organisation that 'everyone' is trying to pull down.

  • Albatross - 2010-10-27 08:25

    Immediately cancel free speech and the reporting of these issues. Then form the Committee to investigate and make recommendations, then set up the Judge Tribunal - make sure it takes 10 years and then cancel any further investigation. Spend millions of taxpayers money doing this. Put brakes on housing, water, electricity, education, health care and unemployment budgets. Introduce new taxes. Don't blame the Government or the ANC. Let's unite by all putting our heads deeper in the sand. Oh, and celebrate the new democratic South Africa - it is, afterall, so very much better than the White Government that preceded the ANC. We have lots to celebrate : high crime; high unemployment; huge poverty; bankcrupt Municipalities; dangerous roads; appalling education systems; disgraceful health care and the list goes on and on and on. EISH !!!!!

  • Diamond Dog - 2010-10-27 08:59

    Sydney. The DA has vast experience in corruption and thus can cover their tracks better? What bollocks. When last have you read about large scale tenderpreneurship, corruption and frivolous spending by the DA. Which opposition party "individuals" would knowingly incriminate himself in order to pull the ANC down. Your reasoning is flawed. What you are implying is that the ANC isn't good at covering up all their corrupt activity and that effectively they are not as intellegent as the DA? Why is it that we read day in and day out about ANC controlled areas receiving unqualified audits, with some or another story of some ANC official going down into the annals of the corrupt, albeit with a light slap on the wrist? Pull your head from you know where and smell the coffee. croix. Sexwale got it wrong. Corruption within the ANC controlled government isn't "endemic" but rather approaching the "pandemic" level.

  • Shad - 2010-10-28 12:34

    This is sickening!! why do I still pay tax?? As a business owner I've experienced corruption first hand. It's becoming the norm.

  • Trix - 2010-10-28 12:54

    Shutup to you all, listen to yourselves losers, you probably the same crowd that was sending mischevious stories about the worldcup then turned to the vuvuzela when you saw that the worldcup was going to be a success, go suck.....

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