Budget tips: I am taxed out, Mr Gordhan!

2017-02-16 11:30

Cape Town - Fin24 users have responded in their numbers to Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's request for input on what South Africans would like to see in the budget. Free education and being overtaxed are topics that are top of mind for user Willem.

He writes:

Free education= free partying?

I studied back in the 90s and vividly remember the students that were there just for the party that their dads were paying for. They would typically drop out after about two years.  If we provide free education to students, we will be sponsoring long-term vacations at the taxpayers' expense in many cases.

It is the old truth - the things that you get for free will never be the same quality as the things you have to pay for: eg HOP houses, food at a shelter, etc. What will happen in the longer term is that people who can afford to will boycott the universities (because they are now paying more for less) and rather have their kids study overseas or do distance learning (many universities provide this facility already and it will just grow in the future).

A workable model

A model that could work – provide a loan for a year. If you pass cum laude, the loan is written off, if you get 60% you get 75% written off and if you pass with 50% you get 50% written off. This can then be done retrospectively for each year.

Also please stop the notion of colonial education – I am technical and the principles defined by Newton etc. is beyond doubt.  Questioning that just shows ignorance rather than a real desire to learn.

If I had to change the issue of education I would promote setting up centres in townships where working mothers can leave their kids and where they will receive development activities (build puzzles, etc.) and one decent meal a day (brain needs protein to develop). 

This overcomes the issue of parents who have neither the capability nor the time to spend on these important activities with their kids. We all know the importance of the forming years for a child's development - no studies needed on that.

Taxed out

I am taxed out. Especially when I see the extreme levels of corruption from Zuma and his cronies. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and the capability to start businesses in heavy manufacture, but simply cannot risk this in the current economic and political climate. 

This is work opportunities that do not get created - which you won't miss as they were never there in the first place. Just wondering how many opportunities goes missing and what the cost of those are.

This is your chance to make your voice count: send us your budget tips and we'll make sure the finance minister receives them.

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