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The battle for the soul of SA leaves a powerful legacy

Nov 09 2016 16:01

The battle for the soul of South Africa is not over. There is too much at stake for those once ascendant to exit without a fight. But there is clear evidence the widely predicted decline to Zimbabwean chaos is no more than a bad memory.

What has been remarkable is how an entire cadre of pillagers was routed by a handful of incorruptible citizens. Once they had risked life and limb to break a conspiracy of silence, the power of truth took over.

Supporting Jonas and Nene, Gordhan and Mentor has been the quiet but concerted involvement of the churches and others in civil society. Plus the more bellicose contribution of university students.

South Africa has many challenges ahead. But you can now bet quite confidently its young democracy will overcome them. And that it will never again allow a compromised President and ham-fisted crony capitalists use filthy lucre to hijack a nation.

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