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SAA’s one-woman wrecking ball – SA’s loss is Saudi’s gain

Jul 29 2016 07:31

By Alec Hogg

Earlier this week, Yves Morieux captured the hearts and heads of 1 300 delegates at The Insurance Conference 2016 when explaining why 85% of workers are “disengaged.”  A brilliant speaker (his TedTalk has had 2.8m views), it’s a pity the Boston Consulting Group exec didn’t stop in Pretoria on his way back to the US.

Because it would really help SA if people in high places understood how much damage is wrought by a clueless leader. SAA is the obvious example. After four and a half years and one too many run-ins with chairman Duduzile Myeni, SAA’s former Chief Financial Officer Wolf Meyer threw in the towel last November.

South Africa’s loss is quite evident: Meyer was soon headhunted, and is now CFO at Saudi Arabian Airlines with more than double the responsibility of his old job. A similar “fate” may well await SAA whistleblowing Treasurer Cynthia Stimpel, another of the chairman’s targets.

Developing countries must retain all the talent they can. Especially those which have the disadvantage of a weak currency in a world where skills are highly mobile and in short supply. SAA deserves so much better than Myeni. South Africa too.

Zapiro’s animated look at how SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni and President Jacob Zuma are literally wrecking the South African economy. More wizardry available at

From Biznews community member Sandy Kelly

On the subject of farmers plight, is it not a political agenda by the ruling government to not declare a state of emergency which would allow a reserve fund to be released to the farmers to tide them over this drought? Instead, the hidden agenda is, as, if one drives through the North West and Free State amongst others, where farmers have all but abandoned their farms to survive elsewhere and their workers are left to survive on what, we don’t know.

The end result is that the state picks up these abandoned or totally devastated farms for next to nothing? They are then allocated and the real farmers disappear forever from our country, maybe to Zambia or Mozambique or halt farming altogether, a loss we can ill afford as your two articles today articulate. Is that not the ANC’s agenda to get rid of the Afrikaans farmer, the Boer?

SA will lose, as it has already done, farmers to Mozambique and Zambia. Botswana has granted a “drought relief” program to distressed farmers.

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