Nico Karydis: “I have a dream for SA in 2017… (Federal dispensation)”

Jan 11 2017 19:07

By Nicos Karydis*

My dream is that SA shall emerge out of the present mess once this incumbent Government of Kleptocracy is removed by the people in an election as soon as possible. 23 years is enough time in which they have shown very little, apart of the Mandela period.

Upholding of the Constitution and Judiciary by all politicians and State officials becomes mandatory, otherwise democracy and rule of law is in jeopardy. In that respect the Media should play a very important role as a watchdog and keep us all informed accurately and unbiased.

Most independent Institutions in the Country have been captured by the ANC and alliances. Such institutional independence as stipulated in the Constitution must be re-instated. If we want to share in a common future, it is imperative that the Federal option is exercised.

We must always have built-in mechanisms that shall not easily allow a regime or a political party or leader to adopt policies that have proven detrimental to so many countries in Africa and the world. Especially carried out by ignoring the Constitution. The checks and balances of the De Klerk era must be made available.

I and others believe that most people in SA are eager to carry out their lives in a prosperous SA were the divergence is respected.

SA economy growing at more than 4% pa is sufficient to create employment, encourage innovation, draw in investment, provide security for all etc. The guiding principles are those already agreed in the 1990’s, which are now under threat by the Zuma Administration, which reject such ideals and principles, foreign to Africa, designed to dominate the Black majority.

In fact they are saying these things on purpose, to create a hostile climate against westerners and whites in particular and western economic policies, aiming to encourage departure abroad by skilled and educated, well qualified people thus assuring that SA becomes their fiefdom.

Once this is accomplished there are certain things that must be done, to avoid a future of similar ineptness and corruption, on all levels by unqualified and suspect politicians.

All Politicians must attend screening processes by Parliamentary committees and citizen bodies. The way things are panning out is almost the same as what happened soon after African independence by inept and corrupt leadership and an elite established that fed on both.

1. Revision of the Constitution to Federal dispensation immediately, with the agreement of as many politicians and the public as possible (referendums etc). Most world-wide Federation dispensations are performing better than unitary systems in mixed, diverge societies such as that of SA.

Such system shall bring security and devolution of powers to the inhabitants of the State, whilst shall allow substantial economic reforms within the component States/Regions, educational, religious, language, cultural etc., as well as taxation freedom, better policing, health care and infrastructural projects as required, contributing to internal competition between the component States.

2.The economy is the cornerstone in all countries. The most suitable economic policy for the component State shall be implemented, depending on the ability experience, capability of the local politicians elected within that State. States shall be compelled to compete with one another to draw investors, qualified personnel, better educational systems, better security, a better tax regime etc.

3.The administration of the component State shall be carried out by a Governor, supported by a number of Deputy Governors allocated the various portfolios to control.

Deputy Governors should not be more than 8. Importantly METRO’s with the necessary qualifications (to be determined) can become Component States too. Remote METRO cities, a distance from a component State, shall be free to be part of component state of their choice or become stand-alone (as component City State). Example Berlin before unification or the region of the Federal Capital.

4. The Federal Government shall have a geographic region (to be agreed) examples such as Canberra, Brussels, Washington and Quebec. The President shall be elected directly by the voters of all States (National Voters roll) at a competitive election process, not by Parliament as he represents the Nation, not any political party.

Such person(s) shall be suitably qualified with no criminal record outstanding of any kind and his personal wealth, family, academic qualifications must be made public, audited and approved by Federal Parliament, before entering the election process.

Upon termination  of service his financial situation shall be compared between that declared before running for President and his exit by independent auditing experts (preferably foreign and reputable or mixed) and then approved by Parliament.

5. The Federal Government shall comprise a Prime Minister responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the State, supported by not more than 15-18 Ministers including Deputy Ministers. The Federal Budget shall always be balanced (expenditure or costs), up to 2% excess over the budget may be allowed, if necessary, approved by Parliament majority and shall run for the duration of the Government.

If the country is already in debt, priority shall be given to servicing and, reducing or eliminating public debt before any new debt can be permitted.

6. The PM shall be elected in Parliament by the majority party or coalition of parties. The PM shall chose his Cabinet not more than 20 Minister including Deputy Ministers.

7. The voters of the State shall vote for Federal Parliament wherever they may reside. Voters of Federal component State shall vote only for their own Governor and Deputy Governors. They also vote for Mayors and Town or City Councillors. Mayors shall have increased powers. Devolution must go down to the community closest if the village, town or city. Village, Towns and cities shall go for elections every two-three years.

8. The election of Members of Parliament should be addressed. Presently the leadership of the party decide on the most suitable MP according to their own beliefs. The old system of wards should be re-used.

Now any MP who may disagree or dispute the leadership or a proposed legislation or want to differentiate himself from the leadership in any issue or want to switch to another party or go independent has no freedom. The leadership can simply expel him and immediately replace them with a more accommodating member. Therefore the leadership (chief whip in particular) becomes all important.

    *Biznews community member Nico Karydis left South Africa in 2000. He currently resides in Cyprus.

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