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Circle of life helps us become round pegs in round holes

Nov 30 2015 08:53

For all its perceived differences, South Africa is rather like everywhere else on earth. Dislocations created by technology has changed the world in profound ways.

It has forced a greater responsibility onto mankind, one demanding that we keep learning and growing.

Most people “get” this reality that do succeed, we need to embrace lifelong learning. The problem for many, it seems, is discovering exactly where to invest their efforts. The answer lies in applying laws from the circle of life.

We all start off wanting to serve our own selfish interests. When that doesn’t work decisions are based on wanting to delight those close to us. But people pleasing is equally unsustainable.

It’s only when we discover success comes from aligning with our unique talents with the community’s needs that we start to flourish.

My first (fortunately unsuccessful) job interview was to serve a selfish dream of becoming a horse racing commentator. Then, at the urgings of others, it was learning how to become an auditor, until reality hit in my first university vac job.

Finally I found financial journalism, an area where my talents could be properly applied to serve society. And I haven’t worked a day since. As we all do when we’re round pegs in round holes.

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