Allan Bartram: “I have a dream for SA in 2017…”

Jan 10 2017 13:32

By Allan Bartram*

I have a dream for South Africa – I dream that all younger nationals will remind themselves that the majority of middle aged white people still living in this country, voted for a change and an all-inclusive South Africa. I dream those same people will also realise that FW de Klerk and many other very brave white and black people stuck their necks out, in dangerous times, to start this process on the road to a successful and very unusual, unified country.

I dream too that these people who were previously disadvantaged all take their governing ANC to task because they might realise we privileged few, voted for an inclusive unified country that the poor could also benefit from –  schooling and health facilities and jobs to look forward to and a roof over their heads.

I dream you will not listen to the rhetorical lies from the mouths of the desperate ruling party sliding towards chaos and a violent split the country may not recover from – all in the name of personal agendas and greed. I dream that us white people will realise too that it was not only “us” who built this country – if one looks around there is not a single road, bridge, building or structure that has been erected in Africa by white hands alone and black people played a huge, majority role in this magnificence, and still do play a huge role in the construction of everything in our country and continent.

In South Africa the whites took everything up to 1994. Since then the ANC leaders have taken everything they could lay their hands on and only shared what they have been forced to. I dream there will be an awaking and the ANC will be decimated. It is in everyone’s hands – and then let’s get the country going again together. I dream of a new South Africa without the treachery of the ANC who have destroyed almost everything whites and blacks built up to 1994.

What they have not destroyed they have taken for themselves and sat and watched and encouraged colleagues to loot and rampage. I have a dream that all the wealth and intellectual power and leaders and great sportsmen and their families will one day return to our wonderful country, which is still filled with enough wonderful generous souls to make a difference – and that can only happen when the ANC and its lies and treachery are eradicated.

Allan Bartram

This dream we owe to the poor and we owe it to these people who started the process including Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and many others. The ANC had their chance – and yes they liberated the blacks – but the new age ANC – we owe them nothing! One full stadium does not a summer make!

  • Allan Bartram runs the Modderfontein Environmental Community Initiative, with a manifesto to defend the area he was born in. His first love, however, is gardening and landscaping.

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