To Biznews Community: Is high pressure seller Holborn AM legit or a scam? | Fin24

To Biznews Community: Is high pressure seller Holborn AM legit or a scam?

Oct 16 2015 07:17

Got this email this morning and need some help please. I’ve never heard of this Holborn Asset Management from the UK, but it seems the company is fishing quite aggressively for business in SA.

Anyone in the Biznews community who knows about them – legit or otherwise – please send us your comments. It is sure to guide our correspondent… and others. Thanks. – Alec Hogg 

Good morning Alec,

While you are on the Ponzi scheme thought line, can you cast your eye over this crew?

Friends have been getting lots of phone calls from Holborn Assets in the UK regarding investing their UK pensions. They finally had a visit from a chap named Darin Brownlee-Jones.

The communication with him via email seems very sketchy, no phone number or corporate details on his email. No mention of the fact that he appears to be based in Mauritius. The South African office looks as dodge as can be. The postal address is Southbroom, the phone number Plett. Nowhere can you find an actual office address.

The company has a number of ‘amateur' websites using variations of the same name and theme. Surely there should be a solid corporate identity?

Googling issues brings up complaints of high risk investments and double comm deals that just deplete client funds and no recourse.

The actual Holborn Assets company appears to be a family run Dubai business. The family don’t seem to have a good reputation.


The local phone number is linked to Holborn Assets Private Wealth, Holborn SA and Cemcorp Financial Services. I also found another older site under the name of Holborn Assets Education.  That seems to run seminars.

What strikes me as interesting is that there is no real web presence of this organisation and all of their reviews appear to be done by their own staff.

Can you have a look and tell me if this also gives you cause for concern?

I would just hate to see people taken advantage of.



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