2017-06-23 09:45 ECB bids for power over euro clearing as Brexit debate heats up The European Central Bank has made a play for power over clearing of euro-denominated financial instrument, a key issue in Brexit talks.
2017-02-06 18:49 Fake news: SA’s nasty new media business? Here’s how we kill it – expert An expert highlights how fake news is another strand of propaganda, and says media ethics and stricter codes of conduct are vital to bring down the industry.
2017-02-06 18:51 Quick tips! How to use life cover to boost, preserve your pot of assets – Dawn Ridler A money expert explains how life cover works and where disability and dread disease insurance fit into the picture, giving advice on how to choose cover that is right for you.
2017-02-06 14:05 Back to digital dark ages? Warning: Govt control will ‘throttle’ SA Internet world New policy has the potential to disrupt the established mobile network infrastructure by effectively nationalising the future 4G mobile network, warns the Free Market Foundation.
2017-02-05 11:17 Taking lessons for SA from Obama’s valedictory speeches With first Afrikaner nationalism and now African nationalism in SA, Obama’s farewell speeches present a cautionary tale about how the country could be going,

DeVere clobbered by ex-client claiming ‘very high fees, bad investments’ wiped out savings 2017-02-03 16:28 An investor who filed a complaint against financial advisory firm deVere, claiming it lost his savings through a combination of high fees and poor investment, shares his story.
Too late for MPs to fix SABC? Its illness looks terminal, cautions expert 2017-02-03 07:30 It's not in the ANC’s interests to change the SABC for the better, as it communicates to many voters and is a convenient conduit for funds to pass to Zuma-linked entities.
Trump travel ban: Why are citizens from these 7 countries on the list? Quick snapshots 2017-02-02 17:20 An overview of the main issues in each of the countries singled out by US President Donald Trump's ban, as polls indicate Americans largely support his travel block.
You can’t pick and choose your colonialism – Sara Gon 2017-02-02 15:40 Who is to say which consequences of colonialism must go and which must stay? And how do you excise the colonial culture from indigenous culture, asks Sara Gon.
Struggle veteran and DA-convert unpacks his party’s dilemma 2017-02-01 18:37 The DA’s Ghaleb Cachalia, son of struggle veterans, says the party finds itself "trapped between the rock of selective black benefit and the hard place of white control”.
SA prodigy, Pik Botha’s 43yo grandson, to lead Silicon Valley’s top VC firm 2017-02-01 14:57 Roelof Botha, the grandson of former foreign minister Pik Botha, has been promoted to one of three stewards of Sequoia Capital, Silicon Valley's most famous venture capital firm.

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