No more nice-to-have shopping sprees

Fin24 user Asia writes how she managed to rehabilite herself from splurging on feel-good iitems and keep clean from the bondage of lifestyle... read more



Is the JSE too high?

The last six months have proven favourable for the local investments, leading asset managers and traders to question the endurance of the stock... read more

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Life gets tough for OneRandMan

Life is getting a little crazy for OneRandMan. With all his debit orders and credit repayments taken care of, he has little left to spend on... read more

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OneRandMan inspires budgeting advice

Fin24 has been following the OneRandMan closely during Savings Month. Now we ask a Sanlam expert to give advice on a few questions related to... read more

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Passive investment for retirement

The use of passive investment products, like Exchange Traded Funds, to deliver low-cost investment performance is taking off.

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Why saving matters to you - and the economy

Saving not only means you can now pay the kids' school fees but also has benefits that filter down to the economy as a whole, says an expert.

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Smart Investing

Investing in shares is a marathon

When investment guru Warren Buffet was 11, he bought his first shares and today he reckons that he started too late.

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