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Why I ditched medical aid

Oct 28 2014 11:07

An R8 000+ bill for five hours at a private hospital was the final straw that broke the camel's back for a Fin24 user who ditched medical aid for a hospital plan.


E-tolls collection firm denies staff, pay claims

Oct 23 2014 11:24

The controversy about operations at e-tolls collection company ETC continues with yet another Fin24 user raising the alarm.

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Buyers may not be cleared on old rates, taxes

Oct 22 2014 06:00

The transfer of ownership of a property does not destroy a municipality's rights on the property regarding old outstanding rates and taxes, warns an expert.


Pay devices cause duplicate card transactions

Oct 21 2014 12:28

Certain merchant pay point devices have caused duplicate card transactions to occur on the accounts of a number of consumers.


E-tolls collection firm cuts jobs

Oct 17 2014 14:45

E-tolls collection company ETC's decision to start laying off staff and close temporary structures and services comes as a shock to workers, says a Fin24 user.

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My estate agent horror

Oct 14 2014 13:27

After a rough experience with an estate agency, a Fin24 user says it is perhaps time for sellers to demand "no service, no pay".


Illegal practices horrify ICU nurse

Oct 10 2014 06:00

Practices in ICU wards are costing medical aids a lot more simply because hospitals are illegally cutting corners in terms of staffing costs, claims an insider.


Gross negligence suspected at private hospital

Oct 07 2014 15:41

After her mother died suddenly in ICU, a Fin24 user asks why we pay so much for private hospital care in the expectation of being well looked after.


Feeling cheated by doctors

Oct 06 2014 17:57

If you are a medical scheme member and your spouse gets breast cancer, you need to find out exactly what your scheme will pay for and what it won’t.


Why medical specialists charge so much

Oct 02 2014 10:11

Many patients believe specialists' fees are unscrupulously high. A doctor explains why, and warns of the negative consequences if high fees are not paid.

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African Bank and credit cards

Sep 29 2014 14:33

A few Fin24 users wrote with queries about how the African Bank curatorship is impacting the credit cards they have with the bank.


Behind the scenes in ICU

Sep 26 2014 14:49

As part of the continuing debate on the high cost of private health care, two opposing views of the care received in ICU have emerged.

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