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Happy, healthy employees

Jun 21 2017 06:00

A healthy workforce has been found to be directly linked to high levels of productivity and your business’ positive bottom-line performance. Here's to making your employees happy and healthier by giving them the benefits that they deserve.


      VIEW: 13 funeral schemes under investigation

      Jun 08 2017 05:00

      The Financial Services Board is warning the public against illegal funeral policies amid a probe of thirteen entities. Have a look at the full list.


      How social media can get you into trouble with your insurer

      May 12 2017 06:00

      In the UK a woman was jailed for using Facebook when she caused a car accident. A legal expert shares how a case like this would be handled in South Africa.


      Impact of SA's lack of growth on insurance industry

      May 02 2017 11:12

      Economic growth in South Africa has been almost non-existent in 2016 and it was a tough year for the short-term insurance industry, says an expert.


      SPONSORED: Access to best legal care at affordable prices

      Apr 25 2017 15:30

      Law for All is a legal insurance brand that offers accessible and affordable legal insurance policies to ensure every citizen has access to proper legal advice and assistance.


      Five common life insurance myths

      Apr 24 2017 13:07

      Despite increasing awareness about the importance of having life insurance, some consumers remain confused due to myths that uninformed people spread.


      How accessible is free legal insurance?

      Mar 19 2017 06:00

      If you are unable to afford an attorney, there are options for you, writes Angelique Ruzicka.


      Fake news: SA’s nasty new media business? Here’s how we kill it

      Feb 07 2017 05:01

      An expert highlights how fake news is another strand of propaganda, and says media ethics and stricter codes of conduct are vital to bring down the industry.


      Funeral policy alert: FSB probing 17 schemes

      Jan 19 2017 16:05

      The Financial Services Board has warned that is investigating 17 schemes selling funeral policies and cautioned the public to be wary when buying such policies.

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      #FNBHeists: How safe are bank vaults?

      Jan 16 2017 17:35

      Consumers are urged to seek advice from their insurance companies on incidents such as that of FNB in which prized items locked away in safety deposit boxes were stolen.


      Manage risks this holiday season

      Dec 26 2016 17:25

      Consumers travelling during the festive season need to take all the necessary precautions to guarantee that their homes and vehicles are adequately insured.

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