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2016-12-08 11:01 Rise of the tech-driven talent matchmakers On-demand matchmakers are looking at new ways to harness technology in order to match professional skills with corporate or individual buyers.
2016-12-08 10:49 Why your thoughts on a zero-sum game matter If a given cultural trait encourages a certain way of understanding how the world works, then it follows that it also determines economic decision-making.
2016-12-08 10:22 Getting to grips with ebitda What is ebitda? What can it be used for? And under which circumstances should this number be viewed with caution?
2016-12-07 21:26 How to cope with being sidelined Feeling ignored or ostracised at work can undermine your confidence and your career prospects. Here’s how to empower yourself and bounce back.
2016-12-07 09:48 Glencore’s stunning comeback The Swiss miner is first of the Big 4 mining conglomerates to set the stage for 2017 with a dividend announcement.

Money tips to avoid the January blues 2016-12-06 12:19 At the end of the year, the temptation to splurge is massive. But this is often a bad idea – here are a few tips on how you can top up your savings and reduce your debt this December.
M-Net: 30 years of entertaining SA 2016-12-06 08:01 This year M-Net celebrated 30 years of delivering content to local audiences. CEO Yolisa Phahle explains why she thinks the company has managed to stay relevant throughout the years.
Quiz #144: 5-11 December 2016-12-05 10:04 Let's see if you get all the answers right in this week's quiz! As usual, we've got some current affairs questions as well as some that will test your general knowledge. Good luck!
In the markets: What to watch this week 2016-12-05 08:21 Third-quarter SA GDP growth is expected to be announced, as well as data associated with consumer confidence. Mining data to be released Thursday may confirm an up cycle in the commodities sector.
The reluctant CEO 2016-12-01 10:46 After his first business idea failed wiGroup founder and CEO Bevan Ducasse could have called it a day, but instead he picked himself up and started building the business that today operates more ...
Ethical investing: It pays to be nice 2016-12-01 08:32 As responsible investment practices gain traction in South Africa and globally, increased shareholder activism is likely to see CEOs and chief operational officers called to publicly answer tough ...

15 December 2016 issue
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