2017-08-04 11:24 101 savings tips The vast majority of South Africans don’t save, even if it is in their best interest – and that of the economy – to do so. We’ve put together dozens of practical tips to help you put more change into your piggy bank – or your investment portfolio.
2017-07-29 14:21 Limit your payments to the taxman By increasing your retirement fund contributions, you can lower the amount of money you need to pay to the South African Revenue Service.
2017-07-20 10:45 Is now the time to Bitcoin it? Interest in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is growing – some e-tailers even accept it as a form of payment. The value of the currency has shot up recently. But is now a good time to invest?
2017-07-16 15:11 Property: Do I buy when the market is up? Or when the market is down? So when is the best time to buy property? Author François Janse van Rensburg tackles this question in a chapter in his new book about buy-to-let in South Africa.
2017-07-06 13:00 Five practical ways to save Putting money into a savings account is not just for your own well-being – it can also have a massive impact on the economy as a whole.

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Are you prepared for retirement? 2017-05-15 15:58 Alan Heyman, wealth adviser at Sasfin Wealth, unpacks what it really means to be prepared for retirement - and how you can make sure you get it right.

Six steps to reaching your retirement destination

Aug 17 2017 11:11

The journey to retirement will come with its share of sacrifices. PSG Wealth’s Schalk Louw shares six steps that will make it all worth it once you reach your destination.